Thursday, 7 December 2017

Reading: WeeklyNews Website

L.I: to use a range of comprehension strategies to go deeper into a text.

This week for reading, our must do was to create a news article. We had to do this in a group, and with this group, there would be a leader. That leader had the most roles out of all of us. The leader needed to, make sure everyone else's articles weren’t copied and pasted, make sure every article made sense, and put each news article together. They needed to even write the blogpost for everyone. Our group leader was me, and we all chose to make a news website. I was working on entertainment, Joel was working on Sports, Sila & Lukah were working on national, Avalon was working on international, and Julian was working on business. Our news website was called WeeklyNews. There were a lot of things on the website I added in, each article having it’s own page. A lot of changes needed to be made, that included non necessary parts, non understandable sentences, and unattributed images. I had to change those problems. In the end, the website looked awesome. There was a logo, a description of the website, and a cool layout for easy use.

Website Link: Here


  1. Hi Jack

    You have a amazing News Website it actually looks like a real New Website. You should also put a little it more information. Well it was still great.

    Good Job and Keep Up The Good Work!

  2. Hi Jack

    Your work is so good. you should not go down just keep up the good work