Friday, 15 December 2017

Maths: That's My Money Results

L.I: To manage finances and profit.

This week for maths, we had the same must do as last week, so let me get what I wrote last week, and put into this post. Our activity purpose was to learn how to be smart with money, and what to spend it on. We had a lot of extensions towards this, them being taxes, rent, insurance, lotto, and disasters. I'll start off by talking about how we started. When we started, we all had $50 in our balance, and the most common way of earning money would be playing Prototec is a test with different stages, and depending on what stage you do, you would earn more or less depending on the difficulty. Although, this week, it was different. The most common way to earn money was to now make DLO's. So that's what I did, I made 22 DLO's at home, and about 7 at school. This was a lot better, considering that DLO's give you $25! So adding on what I got last week, I made it to, $1,021.50 INCLUDING RENT AND INCOME TAX! I really really like these past two weeks, they've allowed us to understand how to use money, and how to spend it.

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