Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Current Events: Summarising The Main Ideas

This week for Current Events, our challenge was to search the internet, and find an article that we found interesting. With this information we then found keywords, 20 important words, 6 of those words that are most important, and then make a 5 sentence summary about the text. Once we had written our summaries the final challenge was to turn those 5 sentences into 5 10 syllables sentences. I worked with Alex, Joseph, and Karlos for this activity. This was an interesting challenge, and I enjoyed learning about this new found organism. If you would like to read the article I have linked it below.

Link To Article Here:

Keywords from the title
Keywords from 
sub- headings
New words I need to look up
Blob, Organism and Solve.
There are no sub-headings.
We didn’t find any words we didn’t know.

Write down 20 important words from the text 
Blob, Organism, Solve, Yellowish, Scientists, Paris, Zoological, Park, Animal, Fungus, Memory, Maze, Form, Searched, Regenerate, Slime, Merge, Behaviour, Consumes and Researchers.
Chose the 6 most important words.
Blob, Researchers, Memory, Regenerate, Animal and Fungus.
Use your words to write a 5 sentence summary.
Researchers in Paris have discovered a blob. They aren’t sure if it’s an animal or a fungus. They don’t even know if it’s in between. It has a memory and can regenerate from being cut in half in two minutes. The Blob has such an interesting behaviour.

Now using the words you wrote down summarise the text in 5 sentences. Once you have done this turn each of your sentences into sentences with exactly 10 syllables.

People in Paris discovered a blob. - 10 syllables
Is the blob an animal or fungus. - 10 syllables
They don’t even know if it’s in between. - 10 syllables
With memory it can regenerate. - 10 syllables
The Blob has got such a weird behaviour. - 10 syllables

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Writing: Explanation | Why I Would Be An Asset To Edgewater College

Today for writing, the year 8's wrote an explanation that would give multiple reasons as to why we think we would be an asses to the college we will be going to. The year 7's instead wrote about why they would be a good leader for Panmure Bridge School next year. I will be going to Edgewater College next year, so I wrote about that. I am really excited to be making a big step in my life and going to college next year.

Why I Would Be An Asset To Edgewater College

Next year, I will be joining Edgewater College as my next school. I have been a part of Panmure Bridge School for the past 8 years, and it will be a big step in my life to be going to college. So without further ado, here’s why I think I will be an asset to my new school.

All throughout the past 8 years, I have been striving to be the best I could. I have been helpful to my peers, and they have returned the favour. I have always tried to do the right thing, and listen to teachers and staff. I try to challenge myself everyday, and each new day brings new learning and opportunities. I am the type of person who likes to try new things and ideas. I am the type of person who is not afraid of being wrong. And finally, I will try to accomplish my goals no matter what. 

At the end of last year, I found out that I reached my goal of becoming head boy. Being one of my greatest achievements, it meant a lot to me. Being given this new set of responsibilities has really taught me a lot, and I am thankful for the opportunity I have been given. Being Head Boy means I am presenting each week at assembly, need a loud speaking voice, and need to be confident. All the things a leader needs to be a good one.

I am really excited to go to Edgewater College. And I am ready to follow my brothers footsteps. I too will most likely join the Jazz Band with my brother. I too will be joining a sport just like him. And I too want to enjoy my time there.

Writing: Explanation Challenge

This Monday for writing, we were given a 55 minute explanation writing challenge where we had to write about why Respect, Empathy and Tolerance are important qualities to have. We then needed to give an example of where to show those qualities. I chose to write about why showing those qualities to your parents are important. This was an interesting challenge as it was the first day of term 4, so most of us were in holiday mode still. Although it was still fun.

Why Respect, Empathy & Tolerance Are Important Qualities To Have With Your Parents

I would like you to think about the amazing things your parents have done for you. When you break the rules or get mad at them, how do you think they feel? Once you’ve thought of this, what do you think you could do?

The answer is simple. Be respectful, show empathy, and understand their tolerance towards you. Each of these words have a different definition, but in this case they are all linked. Respect - Showing that you care about others and their qualities. Empathy - Putting yourself in someone else's shoes, and imagining how they feel. Tolerance - The ability to know your limits when it comes to other people, and knowing when they’ve gone too far. Think about the BIG things your parents have done for you. Your parents raised you, and care for you as much as themselves. So it would help them out if you showed respect towards them, showed empathy, and know how much they tolerate you, and your boundaries.

“But what about the big things I’ve done for my parents?” You may ask. A fair point. Without you, they would have never been given the experience of being a parent. Being a parent teaches them life skills, making them learn just as much as you throughout the experience. Without you, they wouldn’t have their own family who they can love and care for. You have done just as much giving as they have for you, so showing respect, empathy and knowing your boundaries is the final step.

Now that you’re on the right track, do something nice for them to show them you care. Maybe make breakfast for them, buy them something they will cherish, or even just spend quality time with them. All these little things help to build a stronger bond with your family.

So what do you think you could do for you parents? How do you think they feel when you do something wrong? And what amazing things have you done for them? After reading this text, I want you to be as respectful as you can to your parents, show empathy, and think about if you’ve ever gone too far.

Inquiry: Water Filtering

At the end of term 3, Learning Space 2 got into groups and created water filters. We did this after we learnt about some of the third world countries that don't have access to clean water. With this knowledge, we spent a week researching, designing and creating water filters. My group and I have created a DLO for you to see.

Inquiry: Early Maori Enrerprise

This week for inquiry, we have started our term focus about Economics and Enterprise. For today's and yesterdays challenge, we learnt about early Maori enterprise throughout New Zealand, and transferred that information over to our devices in only 5 sentences. Once we had our five sentences, our challenge was to convert the sentences to have only 10 syllables per sentence. It was quite the challenge, although I along with my peers Alex, Aung Naing, Te Pounamu and Nevaeh managed to get the job done.

Original 5 Sentences
Early Maori Enterprise started with tribes trading items all over New Zealand. Trades included a variety of foods, baskets and jewellery. Later on British travellers came to New Zealand asking for food, and other items. This turned into trades where the Maori people sold their valuable land and foods for unfair returns. This resulted in the Maori people selling too much of their land and belongings, leaving them with little to nothing.

10 Syllable Per Sentence 5 Sentences
Maori enterprise started with trading. They traded items like food and clothing. Soon British travellers came wanting food. The British also wanted to buy land. Then Maori sold too much, they lost their land.