Monday, 2 October 2017

Holiday Blogging Challenge: Day 4 | Activity 1

Today I did the first activity for day 4 of the holiday blogging challenge. For this activity, we had to visit the Auckland Museum Website, and find three facts. These facts we needed to find interesting, and we needed to explain why we found them interesting. To get this information, we had to watch a few videos that explained the events that happened throughout World War 1.

Fact 1: Austro Hungary declared war on Serbia supported by Germany, then the Russians declared war on Austro Hungary supported by France. Once Germany invaded France through Belgium, and then came the British, until all countries were included in this war making it a world war. I find this interest because it started by one war with Austro Hungary against Serbia, and then became each country.

Fact 2: At one point, the Turkish waved a white flag. They requested one day free to clean the body's of theirs. I find this interesting because usually, I thought waving a white flag meant that you were surrendering, not anything else.

Fact 3: Once ANZAC's were leaving, they had to put sandbags on their shoes so that there wouldn't be any noise. I found this interesting because it is a really smart way to leave, and something that I probably would have never come up with.


  1. Hi Jack, Well done for completing this task. This really looks interesting. Next Jack you could put this onto a google slide or a google drawing but well done.
    Looking forward to seeing your other post :)


  2. Aloha Jack, Your facts sound really interesting. I have the same facts as you but in different words. Was it easy trying to listen?
    Great Work Jack.

  3. Hi Jack,
    You did a awesome job at completing this activity. I like your interesting facts. I also like the way you explained why you found the facts interesting.
    Keep it up!

  4. Hello Jack I really like all the 3 facts you listed and found interesting. Which one did you really find the most interesting? Great job!

  5. Hi Jack!
    I really like your facts! Please remember to double check your work though, other than that great blog post but I do a few questions: Was it easy to find the information out of the videos? How do you think the ANZAC's felt when they landed at Gallipoli?
    Great job on this!

  6. Hey Jack
    Putting sandbags on their shoes to cover any noise that they might make was a great idea. I wonder who thought of doing that. Keep up the excellent work Jack.

  7. Hi Jack. The facts you have found are very interesting. I was thinking the same thing as you, I never knew the white flag meant more than surrendering. Keep up the awesome work.

  8. Hi Jack,
    Your facts are very interesting and I never knew white flags meant more than surrendering. I also didn't know that the ANZAC soldiers had to put sandbags on their feet while they were leaving. Was is hard finding the facts?
    - Zahra