Friday, 20 October 2017

Writing: 2017 Production Recount

L.I: to create and mark a recount

This week for writing, we had to write a recount. This recount needed to be about our experience with the 2017 production that we did, and how we felt as we practised and performed. We had 40 minuted to both write, and edit this recount, but I had eventually ran out of time to do any editing, and had only 1 minute left. We had everyone in our groups mark these recount, and once everyone was done, we added up the scores to see who got the highest marks. Out of my group, I got the highest mark, but that wasn't the end. We would then as a group look at another persons recount who got the highest marks in their group. As a group we would then mark that persons recount, and then go back to see how we were marked. Then all the people who got the highest marks would be marked by Mr Ogilvie. In the end, I got 35 as my score, and level 4A. I was happy with this mark, because that's only 1 or 2 points away from my score that I got on my latest narrative. I think that I did well on my ideas for this recount, and that I had many different ideas in separate parts. I think I could've done better with my punctuation, because I didn't use a wide variety of punctuation marks, but I did use them all correctly.

My recount:

The 2017 Production

Last term, we performed in front of a lot of people. We did this performance to represent the 60 years that Panmure Bridge School has been running for. It was at the start of term 3 when we began to learn what we would be doing for this production, and when our first lesson started, I had no idea what we were doing. For this performance, we were going to learn a dance each, and we learnt that dance with a group. In my group there was, Alex, Julian, Matthew, Chris, Peter, Te Pounamu, and me. The dance that my group learnt was the Gangnam Style dance, but little did I know that the whole school was going to be a part of this production! The dance teacher’s name was Zoey, and she did a really good job at teaching us these dances. Each week we would go to the school hall and practise these dances, at this point I couldn’t wait for when our next rehearsal would be.

This all continued until the last week of term 3, and after each practice we learnt more and more. One day when we rehearsed, it became a lot more extreme. This was when we started to practice the dance on the stage, and learn where we would stand, and how we would let the next dance group go to the front of the stage. I felt as if I was forgetting the dance, and that I only focused on moving to the right spots. It was more challenging now, but I just made sure to try my best, and continue with the dance anytime I did something wrong. Around our fourth of fifth rehearsal, I started to get the hang of things, and I enjoyed practising the dance a lot more.

It was almost the last practise with Zoey when we had to get the costumes ready. I thought that we would do this production in our regular school uniform, but I must’ve been wrong. Most groups had required costumes, and if they brought the wrong things then the production wouldn’t work out. What my group and I had to wear was sunglasses, a bowtie, a white shirt, black pants, and black shoes. Once all the costumes had been sorted, understanding what to do for the production became a lot more important. Now whenever we got the chance, we would practise our dances in the class to make sure that we had it all correct.

To me, it felt as if the weeks had passed in a matter of days. I remember when we had a whole school rehearsal, I forgot the we had been practising these dances for the entire term. Once room three had finished their practise, it was our turn. Presenting our dances in front of the school was already nerve racking, so I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to present the dances in front of parents as well. Then it was week 10, if we were to fail our dances, then everyone would see.

All together, we presented the production 3 times, one time during Wednesday afternoon, one during Wednesday night, and the last one on Thursday night. During the afternoon production, everything worked out ok. We all remembered our dances, where we would perform, and how to get on and off stage. It was the same for the Wednesday night production as well. Then we had to perform on Thursday night, and I really wanted this to be the best one, knowing that it would be the last time we would perform. Room three had finished their dance, it was now time for us to go on stage. While classed would get on and off the stage, there would always be an ad playing, which would make the audience focus on the ad instead of seeing the classes get into positions. The music started playing, and I felt my nerves kicking in. Then my groups music stopped, and the next group started their dance. Eventually, our dances had finished, and we had to get off stage. After performing, I wish we would still perform these dances, because I found it really fun. I hope that one day I can experience something like this again.

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