Thursday, 19 October 2017

Maths: Adding Fractions Tutorial Video

L.I: to add and subtract fractions of the same unit size

This week for maths, we learnt about adding fractions, and our must do was to create a video. This video needed to be a tutorial, and it needed to teach people about adding fractions. Before we could do any of this, we had to fill out a document. The document had a list of fractions that we needed to add together to get the new fraction. We did this as a test to see if we understood how to add fractions together. I had completed the small test, and got all problems correct. I really like making videos, so I couldn't wait until I could make this small tutorial. When making this video, I think that I wasn't explaining how to add fractions enough, and I was mainly focusing on getting it done. I kind of went a bit too much into a cartoon like video, because that's what I can do best when it comes to making videos. I really enjoyed this activity, and I hope you'll enjoy my video as well as me.

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  1. Greetings Jack
    Great job on completing his maths activity, I actually like how you made it look like a cartoon. When I finished my video I didn't add music so great job on that too! I have a couple of questions though, how long did it take to create and edit this? And also, Was it easy add in the music?
    Great work!