Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Cricket World Cup/Problem solving

The problem I have to solve is:
NZ won the game against Australia by 152 runs.
How many would they have to make to get to 183?

152 is what we have.
We need to change the 2 ones in 152 to a 3ones like in 183.
How many more ones do we need to add on 2 to make 3?
If I add 1 ones on 2 it will make 3ones.
Now we need to change the 5tens in 152 to 8tens like in 183.
How many more tens do we need to make the 50 into a 80?
If I add 30 to 50 it will add up to 80.
So 1 + 30  is 31.
To make 152 into 183 you will need to add 31 on 152 and that will make 183.

Monday, 9 March 2015

My movenote presentation,ice-cream combination

Today we have been learning how to make a Movenote presentation. We answered a question on the number of combinations that we could make using four ice cream flavours.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Sentences to describe summer

Sentences to describe summer

1.The sand on the beach is burning the inside of my feet.

2.Today is boiling hot so my dad and I stayed at the pools for 6 hours.

3.I can’t believe it is this bamy today.

4.The scorching summer heat made me jump into the tamaki river.

5.Next summer if it’s this blazing I will buy a shade shelter.keven - Long Hot Summer.