Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Writing: Conclusion

LI: to write a concluding paragraph.
This week for writing we continued last weeks work about introductions and now we are doing the conclusion, and like last week we kept on doing it about our aviator. We kept our Coggle brainstorm, and wrote off that to get our information.

Jean Batten Conclusion

Jean Batten is a great achieving woman who broke the speed record from flying from England to Australia in an outstanding 14 days and 22 hours. She did many more flights like England to New Zealand and England To Brazil. She then became one of New Zealand’s hero’s and made people proud of her achievements.

Maths: Travel Measurements

L.I: to understand units of measurement
L.I: to investigate units of measurement
This week for maths we learnt about the units of measurement and the way we did that was by getting the km, M, cm and mm of one place to another. What we did was make a google map and link our two places together, and then we wrote down the km and to get the rest we added up the zeros and the way we knew how many zeros we needed to add we e.g if we were getting the zeros needed for the cm, we would get how many cm there is in a meter and there is 100 cm in a meter and there is 2 zeros so that's would be how many more zeros you would add onto your number. To get the thumbs we used our thumb rulers and got how many cm was the size of our thumbs and divide it by the number of size of your thumb.

FromTommcmMkmThumb WidthThumb Lenth
Panmure BridgeDublin1820400000018204000001820400018,20410708.235293640.8

Inquiry - Rockets

This week for inquiry since we are doing rockets as our subject we made two of our own rocket (Match Stick and Pfft Rockets) To make the Match Stick Rocket we watched a YouTube video on what you need and how you make it. For the Pfft rocket we read a text explaining how to make it and to make both rockets it only takes about 20 - 30 minutes. Links to instructions - Match Stick Rocket    Pfft Rocket

Friday, 25 November 2016

Blog Commenting

Today I posted a comment on Alex's blog post about Jean Batten. I talked about that I did my work on Jean Batten too and added a question. 


This week for CyberSmart we played CyberSmart the game. What you do is you roll a dice and how ever many numbers you get that is how many times you move, and when you land on something when you click on it there will be a task for you to do. I landed on a square where you take a photo of you and your partners and edit it with an editing site and show the before and after photo.


Today I finished Tetrominoes on Transum as a can do. It took me about 2 minutes to finish and next time I'll try to finish it in 1 minute.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Writing: Information Report Introduction

LI: to write an informative introduction. For writing we had to write an information report introduction about any aviator. We planned with an app called Coggle and got the main information we needed.

Jean Batten

Jean Batten, born September 15th 1909 in Rotorua New Zealand and died November 22 1982 was famous for beating Amy Johnson’s record from flying to England to Australia and she beat Amy by 4 days! Her flight in total went for 14 days and 22 hours, and she got famous in the 1930’s. Her full real name is actually Jane Gardner Batten but then people started calling her Jean Batten instead. Jean did more flights like England to New Zealand and England to Brazil but once she made a world record she became one of New Zealand’s hero’s.

Maths: Measuring

L.I: to understand the units of measurement
L.I: to investigate the units of measurement
This week for math our task was to choose 10 items to measure, and measure it in MM, CM, M, KM, and Thumbs, and the way we measured our items in thumbs was by making a thumb ruler. I worked with Abdurrahim and our 10 items we chose were, a Chromebook, the window (but only the glass), a plastic chair, a Toke Tray holder, the rubbish bin, the table height, the tissue dispenser, the milk bucket, the netbook cupboard and both of our heights combined.
3Plastic Chair70570.50.7050.00070512.5/46
4Toke tray Holder13201321.320.0013223/82
5Rubbish Bin45545.50.4550.0004558.5/30.5
6Table Height680680.680.0007812.5/43
7Tissue Dispenser30230.20.3020.0003025.5/19
8Milk Bucket210210.210.000213.2.13
9Netbook Cupboards1785178.51.7850.00178531.9/115.8
10Jack & Abdul26602662.660.0026649.5/176

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Reading: Biography

This week for reading we had to make a Biography about Jean Batten and Amelia Earhart. We had to get their name, birth, place of birth, their achievements and other information about them. We got the information from two texts, 1 about Jean Batten and the other about Amelia Earhart.

Inquiry: Rockets

This week for inquiry we are learning about rockets. For our must do we worked with the rest of the rockets group and we got to design our own rockets to see what rockets would work for a mission. Then we wrote down the information we needed and worked with 2 other people to get information about real rockets.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Inquiry: Epic Rap Battle: Jean Batten And Amelia Earhart VS The Wright Brothers And Richard Pearse

This week for Inquiry we got to make a Rap Battle with and Aviator battling another aviator. I worked with Abdurrahim, Sanujan, Rachel, Joseph And Aiden. Aiden wasn't here to be in the video because h had to go to Napier, but we still had fun making this. Since there was only Rachel who was a girl I did the singing of Jean Batten as Rachel was Amelia Earhart. Joseph did the role of Richard Pearse and Abdurrahim and Sanujan did the role of the Wright Brothers. The link to the video is here: Epic Rap Battle

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Writing: Explanation Text

This week for writing we made another explanation text but this time we new what to do completely and knew how to make it better. The text is still the same subject but has better information. 

Maths: Average Weather

L.I: to accurately interpret data
L.I: to accurately present
This week for maths we had to go on a spreadsheet that had the weather, and what we had to do is get the average number for the temperature, rain fall and wind for July. Then when we got the average numbers for every month and make a line graph with three different coloured lines. After that we had to show the probability of needing something in that month. The probability of needing a raincoat on June was high because that is the highest rainfall of the year. The probability of lots of people at the beach March was high because that was the highest temperature in the year. The probability of not needing a raincoat on March was high because that was the lowest rainfall point in the year. The probability of needing an umbrella and it going inside out on June was high because on March there was lots of rain and the wind was blowing hard. 

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Reading: High Flyers

L.I: to summarise the main idea from the text.
This week for reading we read the text High Flyers. It was about the year 6, 7 and 8's from Auckland Point School and they made an advertisement about Richard Pearse for a competition. We had to do the 5 W's and the H and make a 25 word or under summery about the text.

Friday, 11 November 2016

The Mannequin Challenge

Today LS1 did the Mannequin Challenge. The Mannequin Challenge is when you record people standing still like a Mannequin. This is how it ended up.

Inquiry: Aviators

This week for inquiry our subject is about Aviators. An aviator is the pilot, and for this activity we had to choose a famouse Aviator to either make a google map about where they flew to, make a Venn Diagram compairing the plane they flew in to a mordern plane, or we could make a timeline of their achievements. You had to do two and you could work with someone. I worked with Sanujan and we did the google map and the Venn Diagram. Below there is the link to the map we made and an image of the Venn Diagram we made.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Maths: Bar Graph

L.I: to accurately collect data 
L.I: to accurately present data
L.I: to accurately interpret data
This week for maths we got to group up and choose a subject to get the classes answer or opinion. I worked with Abdurrahim and our subject was the ages of people in LS1. Once we got our answers we had to make a graph representing the Mean Median and Mode. Mean is the average number so our average ages in the class was 10.29 Years old. The Median is the middle number but me and Abdurrahim couldn't do that because we didn't record out data in order so we could skip that part. And the Mode is the most shown number, so our most shown was the 11 year old's because there were more 11 year old's than all the other ages. This is me and Abdurrahim's graph that we made.

Reading: Inferences The First Flying Machine

L.I: to infer information using clues and prior knowledge. This week for reading we read the text, First Flying Machine. It was about the Wright Brothers and what they did in their lives. We had to read the story and make some inferences. These are my inferences I made.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Blog Comment

Today we went to the Manaiakalani Film Festival. One of my favourite movies I watched was room one and two's Poi e remake. I loved how they enjoyed spinning their Poi's and dancing like in the real song. This was the comment that I posted.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Reading: Inference Recording

LI: to infer information about events in a story.
This week for reading we read the text On The Runway. We then had to infer the story and write down what we think, evidence from the text and write down our prior knowledge.

Writing: Narratives

LI: to plan and write a narrative within a week.
This week for writing we had to plan and write a brand new narrative. My narrative is called Step By Step, and it is about a man (Ryan Muli) with a normal life, but another man (Tagen White) had broke out of jail and he had launch codes. Ryan Muli tries to find the launch codes to save the country from being blown up, but Ryan has to chase Tagen down. Ryan finds the codes and disables the missiles, and he saves the country.

Step By Step

Ryan Muli was an ordinary man, with a happy life, a loving wife, and peace and quiet… until Thursday. On Thursday night the news reported Tagen White had broke out of jail. He had launch codes for missiles that no one knew where to find. That’s when Ryan had a job to get done, he could've left the country, but then he would lose all loved ones that he couldn’t get in contact with. Ryan waited for the morning, got dressed and left the house. Ryan had no clue where to look, so he went to the police station to find footage. When he checked the camera’s the man spat on the camera so it would be blurry, but it didn’t stop Ryan from seeing which direction he went. The cops got his fingerprints and got some sniffer dogs to track Tagen White down.

They were walking for about an hour until the sniffer dogs started barking, the cops ran with the dogs until they saw Tagen standing there. Ryan and the cops ran after Tagen, but Tagen was too fast for the police, so it was up to Ryan to get him. Tagen vaulted over a pipe and Ryan dive rolled through a window. Tagen’s plan was to launch the missiles, take a hydro jet to leave the country, then the missiles would come down and blow the country up.
Tagen did all this because he felt like no one cared about him after his wife left him, he started drinking and he got a ticket and insulted the cop and got sent to prison for a couple of months.

Ryan lost Tagen, but he saw a warehouse. Ryan entered the warehouse and saw blueprints, showing how the missiles are made and disabled. Then Ryan saw the launch codes, his plan was to get the codes loaded on a new email account that no one knows about, burn the piece of paper, delete the account off the computer and destroy the computer if Tagen hacks the computer and gets old computer history. Ryan grabbed the codes and rode a bike back home. He did his plan, but the missiles were still active. Ryan went back to the warehouse and went deeper until he found the missiles. He climbed the main missiles that powered the rest, and he read the blueprints. The blueprints read, pull the red plug, press the blue button, put the red plug back in, and pull the rest of the plugs out at the same time. Ryan succeeded, but the missiles still left ground. Ryan tried to make the missiles go towards the beach so Ryan could jump off. The missiles were about to blow up in mid air, so Ryan jumped off the missile hoping to land in the water. Ryan jumped … and landed in the shore while watching the missiles blow up in the air.

In the end Tagen was taken back into jail for life, Ryan made it into the Guinness World Records for the highest dive, Ryan got paid 1 billion dollars for saving the country, and he had a child.

The End

Inquiry: Migration

This week for inquiry we had to group up and research about a group of people that migrated, and answer some questions, and I worked with Abdurrahim and Sanujan. Our group of people that migrated that we chose were the Sri Lankan's. We had to answer questions like, where they migrated to, why they migrated, their religion,  we had to make a map of where they went, problems in their new country and if any of them went back to their home country.

Maths: Word Problems

LI: To comprehend word problems
LI: To choose “the best” strategy to solve the problem
Last week for maths we could partner up, and I did my work with Abdurrahim, and we had to make our own word problems that are multi-step. And for this week we had to get two other word problems that other people in out maths group made, and by our self we had to find the two strategies in their questions. The first question I answered was made by Jericho and the second question I answered was by Jeremiah.