Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Maths: Travel Measurements

L.I: to understand units of measurement
L.I: to investigate units of measurement
This week for maths we learnt about the units of measurement and the way we did that was by getting the km, M, cm and mm of one place to another. What we did was make a google map and link our two places together, and then we wrote down the km and to get the rest we added up the zeros and the way we knew how many zeros we needed to add we e.g if we were getting the zeros needed for the cm, we would get how many cm there is in a meter and there is 100 cm in a meter and there is 2 zeros so that's would be how many more zeros you would add onto your number. To get the thumbs we used our thumb rulers and got how many cm was the size of our thumbs and divide it by the number of size of your thumb.

FromTommcmMkmThumb WidthThumb Lenth
Panmure BridgeDublin1820400000018204000001820400018,20410708.235293640.8

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