Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Writing: Narratives

LI: to plan and write a narrative within a week.
This week for writing we had to plan and write a brand new narrative. My narrative is called Step By Step, and it is about a man (Ryan Muli) with a normal life, but another man (Tagen White) had broke out of jail and he had launch codes. Ryan Muli tries to find the launch codes to save the country from being blown up, but Ryan has to chase Tagen down. Ryan finds the codes and disables the missiles, and he saves the country.

Step By Step

Ryan Muli was an ordinary man, with a happy life, a loving wife, and peace and quiet… until Thursday. On Thursday night the news reported Tagen White had broke out of jail. He had launch codes for missiles that no one knew where to find. That’s when Ryan had a job to get done, he could've left the country, but then he would lose all loved ones that he couldn’t get in contact with. Ryan waited for the morning, got dressed and left the house. Ryan had no clue where to look, so he went to the police station to find footage. When he checked the camera’s the man spat on the camera so it would be blurry, but it didn’t stop Ryan from seeing which direction he went. The cops got his fingerprints and got some sniffer dogs to track Tagen White down.

They were walking for about an hour until the sniffer dogs started barking, the cops ran with the dogs until they saw Tagen standing there. Ryan and the cops ran after Tagen, but Tagen was too fast for the police, so it was up to Ryan to get him. Tagen vaulted over a pipe and Ryan dive rolled through a window. Tagen’s plan was to launch the missiles, take a hydro jet to leave the country, then the missiles would come down and blow the country up.
Tagen did all this because he felt like no one cared about him after his wife left him, he started drinking and he got a ticket and insulted the cop and got sent to prison for a couple of months.

Ryan lost Tagen, but he saw a warehouse. Ryan entered the warehouse and saw blueprints, showing how the missiles are made and disabled. Then Ryan saw the launch codes, his plan was to get the codes loaded on a new email account that no one knows about, burn the piece of paper, delete the account off the computer and destroy the computer if Tagen hacks the computer and gets old computer history. Ryan grabbed the codes and rode a bike back home. He did his plan, but the missiles were still active. Ryan went back to the warehouse and went deeper until he found the missiles. He climbed the main missiles that powered the rest, and he read the blueprints. The blueprints read, pull the red plug, press the blue button, put the red plug back in, and pull the rest of the plugs out at the same time. Ryan succeeded, but the missiles still left ground. Ryan tried to make the missiles go towards the beach so Ryan could jump off. The missiles were about to blow up in mid air, so Ryan jumped off the missile hoping to land in the water. Ryan jumped … and landed in the shore while watching the missiles blow up in the air.

In the end Tagen was taken back into jail for life, Ryan made it into the Guinness World Records for the highest dive, Ryan got paid 1 billion dollars for saving the country, and he had a child.

The End

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