Thursday, 24 November 2016

Maths: Measuring

L.I: to understand the units of measurement
L.I: to investigate the units of measurement
This week for math our task was to choose 10 items to measure, and measure it in MM, CM, M, KM, and Thumbs, and the way we measured our items in thumbs was by making a thumb ruler. I worked with Abdurrahim and our 10 items we chose were, a Chromebook, the window (but only the glass), a plastic chair, a Toke Tray holder, the rubbish bin, the table height, the tissue dispenser, the milk bucket, the netbook cupboard and both of our heights combined.
3Plastic Chair70570.50.7050.00070512.5/46
4Toke tray Holder13201321.320.0013223/82
5Rubbish Bin45545.50.4550.0004558.5/30.5
6Table Height680680.680.0007812.5/43
7Tissue Dispenser30230.20.3020.0003025.5/19
8Milk Bucket210210.210.000213.2.13
9Netbook Cupboards1785178.51.7850.00178531.9/115.8
10Jack & Abdul26602662.660.0026649.5/176

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