Thursday, 4 July 2019

HIIT: A Final Session To End The Term

Today as the second to last day of term 2, we had 1 final session of HIIT to finish off the term. In today's session we all focused on our upper body strength, and did a rotation of pull ups, press ups, and mountain climbers. In each rotation, we would have a partner. With our partner we would take turns every 30 seconds to do each exercise. Although before we got to the main exercises, we started with a warm up. With a buddy, we would try to tap their shoulders, while not getting taped ourselves. If your shoulder was tapped, you would then do a burpee. Then we switched the punishment to planking, and hitting your partners hands 10 times. At the very end we would do one final exercise. We would all do squats to the song Flower which many times includes the words Up and Down. Every time the word up was said, we would stand. Every time the word down was said, we would squat. I had a lot of fun today, and I am hoping we continue next term.

Maths: Presenting Our Maths Games

This morning, Learning Space 2 showcased the maths games that we have all been working on for the last 2 weeks. My maths game allowed players to practice adding and subtracting decimal numbers. My game included a total of 10 questions, 5 subtraction, 5 addition. A few features that my game included was a scoreboard, an animated calculator as a character, and a certificate at the end that would certify your score. This whole activity started last week where we first needed to plan out the layout of our game. We would do this for the first two maths lessons, and when it was complete we would start getting to work. The program we all needed to use was simple Google Presentation, and to make it into an actual game we would use the linking feature, and link different boxes to other slides in the presentation. I along with the rest of the class had such an awesome time the last two weeks, and we were happy to be given such a fun activity to complete. If you would like to play my game, I have linked it below.