Thursday, 22 February 2018

Writing: Chinese New Year | Explanation

This week for writing, our activity was to write an explanation about Chinese New Year. Specifically, how Chinese New Year is celebrated. Although, we were also allowed to write an explanation about a Chinese New Year topic of our own. This was a paired challenge, where you had to work with someone in a different group. So I chose to work with Jonathan. We wrote an explanation on 'How Chinese New Year Began'. An easy topic to settle on, while still including a lot of information to add in. Although, before we could start writing, we needed to plan. We watched a YouTube clip and made notes. We would then with our partner, find more information on our own, just so that we have engough information before we started. Jonathan wrote the explanation and I helped him by asking questions and adding detail to his ideas. After we finished we paired up with another group and gave each other feedback and feed forward.

How Did Chinese New Year Begin?

Chinese New Year is a global celebration, celebrated by millions of people. How did this
greatly celebrated tradition start?

It all began a long time ago, when Nian, a Chinese monster first started attacking villages.
Nian started his or her attack on a small village, scaring the people away, and eating the
animals. This disturbance continued for the next few years, until a wise old man let out the
monsters secret. He began to tell the people about the monsters fears. “Nian can only be
scared by fire, loud noises, and the colour red.”

The people of the village were in awe. They ended up believing the old man, and began to
plan their strategy. The next time the monster arrived, they began to stand up, and light
their flames, and bang on the drums. They wore the colour red, waving red flags at Nian.
Nian was shocked, Nian began to run away, never to return again. The old man was right,
and ever since, Nian had never been seen.

The people began to celebrate their victory. With food, parades, and a lantern festival.
Every year, Chinese New Year will be represented by a new animal. The 12 animals are a
rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, hen, dog, and pig. Legend has it,
that there was a race between the 12 animals. The winning animals become a
representative of the  Chinese New Year. The following places becoming representatives
for the following Chinese New Years.

Chinese New Year animals are a way to show personality. Depending on the year you
were born, the animal chosen that same year would be the animal you represent.

Jack and Jonathan


  1. Hi Jack
    I like how you have written your Chinese New Year Explanation it's nice keep it up Jack.
    By Hajera

  2. Hello there Jack,
    Great job on writing a clear explanation. But make sure you don't write over the All about me. But besides that keep up the great work!

    - Viva

  3. Greetings Jack, what an outstanding explanation about Chinese New Year. Reading this explanation tells me lots of information about Chinese New Year. Keep up the great work.

  4. Greetings Jack,
    I really love how the information you wrote is true facts and that makes sense. I also love the blurb you did. You just need to change your front of your blurb Arial. KEEP IT UP!!

  5. Hi Jack
    Great job on completing your explanation on Chinese New Year, I like how you also used a rhetorical question for your introduction too. I also like how you explained the origin story for the Chinese New Year really well too, I have a question though, was it easy to research the celebration?

    1. Hi Alex,
      Thank you for commenting on my blog. I'm glad that you enjoy what I've written, and that there are multiple positives in your comment. To answer your question, it was a simple session of research when it came to Chinese New Year facts. As we only needed the video that I pointed out in my blurb to get the full story of it.

      Hopefully that is enough to answer your question.

      - Jack

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    I really like the information you used in your Chinese New Year explanation. Keep up the great work