Friday, 9 February 2018

Silver C.A.R.E Awards: Respect | Picture Collage Of PBS

Today, I did a C.A.R.E Award activity for respect. For this activity, we needed to make a collage of PBS. A collage is a series of pictures of the same category, put together. Although, now that the week has just finished, I decided to instead draw pictures of my experience when going to school. You can see in the first picture that I'm walking to school with my bag on, the next picture is of me working on my computer, and the final picture is of me playing handball at lunch and morning tea. I really liked this activity. I got to show my art, my perspective of an average day, and made an actual collage for the first time so far. This activity took roughly half an hour to complete, and I think I did relatively well in the end.

1 comment:

  1. Drawing your own images is a great way to show your creative side. The images you have drawn are a great snapshot of our school. Well done.