Thursday, 15 February 2018

Writing: Making An Explanation About Our Morning Routines

This week for writing, we needed to write an explanation. This explanation needed to be either of our morning routine, or our experience of walking to school. For this activity, I chose to do it on my morning routine instead, because my 30 minute long walk to school wouldn't make an interesting text. This explanation needed to consist of 5 different parts. An introduction, 3 paragraphs, and a conclusion.

My Morning Routine

Key Points:
  • Wake Up

  • Make Breakfast

  • Prepare Everything

Each morning, I have to prepare myself for school. When doing so, I have quite a few things to do before I leave.

Firstly, I wake up, and get dressed. I then make my bed, put deodorant on, and make sure my computer is charged for the day. After checking, I refill the kettle, and start boiling some water. While it is boiling, I brush my hair, and wash my face. Although I don’t shower in the morning, I’ve just grown up showering at night before I go to sleep.

Once I’ve finished washing my face and brushing my hair, I then head into the kitchen, and make breakfast. After breakfast, I go to the toilet, and brush my teeth. After that, I put on my shoes. Before I leave, I first do the dishes, and hang the wet tea towels up on the line. I would then wait until 8:00 to leave.

If it isn’t 8:00 already, I check to see if I have everything I need to bring, or to do, and then lay down and wait until I have to leave.

Finally, once it is 8:00, I leave to walk to school. Then my morning routine is done, and my day begins.

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