Thursday, 4 July 2019

Maths: Presenting Our Maths Games

This morning, Learning Space 2 showcased the maths games that we have all been working on for the last 2 weeks. My maths game allowed players to practice adding and subtracting decimal numbers. My game included a total of 10 questions, 5 subtraction, 5 addition. A few features that my game included was a scoreboard, an animated calculator as a character, and a certificate at the end that would certify your score. This whole activity started last week where we first needed to plan out the layout of our game. We would do this for the first two maths lessons, and when it was complete we would start getting to work. The program we all needed to use was simple Google Presentation, and to make it into an actual game we would use the linking feature, and link different boxes to other slides in the presentation. I along with the rest of the class had such an awesome time the last two weeks, and we were happy to be given such a fun activity to complete. If you would like to play my game, I have linked it below.


  1. Hi Jack

    I really like your wording and your explanation on the topic I just want to know how much did you like this activity and would you do it again?

    1. Oh and and I really like the design of your character he is really cool.

    2. hey man good job at doing your work not look me

  2. Hello Jack
    What an amazing game I have played. What was your favorite part? Your icon why my favorite part. I really like how you have said "How to play" which helps the player with how your game works.
    Good Job

  3. Hi Jack
    I liked your game a lot because you added a tally system to it, I also liked how you give people a certificate at the end as a prize. Something I found interesting is how your robot or calculator changes its emotions based on whether or not you get an answer right or wrong.
    Great Job!

  4. Hello jack
    I really like your maths game that you have created in the past 2 week because you have really made an effort. I like the way you have layed out your maths game and the design you have for it. Oh and I enjoy looking at your animated character you created because he is well created. Keep up the good work. :)

  5. hey man good job at doing work not look me