Monday, 29 February 2016


Kino It was a stormy winter night in Antarctica when Kino the snow wolf was with the Graniat family in front of the fire. In the family there was Caroline the mum, Jhon the father and Hailey the daughter. Hailey loved Kino, it was the same with Caroline. Jhon hated Kino, there was really no reason why he hated Kino. As everyone was asleep John kicked Kino out the door and kept it locked tight. Kino had nowhere to go and all he could do for himself to survive winter was wander away. Eventually Kino found a hole in the snow and slept there for the night. Hailey woke up with question to herself, Where is Kino? She looked around the house but could not find Kino.
 Day 2:
 The next day there was a Snowstorm, Kino woke up with an empty stomach and tried to find any meat in the area. All he could see was white snow. As he left the hole a polar bear had showed. It was a big sharp teethed polar bear, it looked hungry. It bit Kino’s leg and Kino had been shocked with the amount of force the bear had put in his power to bite him. Kino went under the bear and bit it in the stomach. The polar bear was bit in the heart and it fell down to the ground, and Kino had found dinner. Kino had to eat all the bear raw. Hailey felt teared apart because without Kino she had nothing to do but look at the fire. Kino had no clue what it was like out there,he was found by the Graniat’s when he was just born. Kino piled some snow over his leg rested for a couple of hours.
 Day 3:
As the night got colder there was just so much more that Kino didn’t understand about the outside world. Every hour Hailey got more worried about Kino,she asked her dad to see if he knew what had happened,all Jhon said was “I saw him leave the house.” It was such a stupid thing to say as a father to a kid. Hailey felt heartbroken,Kino was such a protective wolf and now he’s gone. As Kino went to sleep, but as he dozed he felt an ice cold liquid and it was the ice cold water. Every second Kino felt colder and eventually Kino dozed to sleep. He slightly opened his eye and saw a bright light, the light picked him up and took him to a camp. Kino was tied to a wall and saw an ancient tribe that spoke an unknown language. The chief said to his people, “inga tamooka ilooki tamatookooana to LANA!” They said “We have found a snow wolf that we feist on tonight and we light it on FIRE!” Kino saw the light again he bit the rope off and followed the light but it leaded him to one of the people in the tribe. This person was not a bad person he was a rather friendlier person,he took Kino into one of the huts and they slept through the snowy night. Kino found a new owner. He had forgot about his family,because now he found his new family, his owners name was Mangalo. Kino became a hunter like he should be and he now ate cooked food,he wasn’t allowed to be seen by the other people or he would be cooked. As Mangalo and Kino walked along the snow they found a person in the distance approaching,it was Hailey,Kino didn’t remember her and Mangalo hadn’t ever seen her.Mangalo saw Hailey getting closer and closer until Kino remembered her. Kino ran towards her and licked her in the face and Mangalo had nothing to say but “Inga lano tikiafi.”This is your owner not me,”and Mangalo left to go to the camp. Kino,Hailey and Caroline lived a happy life,and Jhon just hated the first few weeks but eventually Jhon loved Kino a lot,and they all lived happily ever after. The End

Friday, 26 February 2016

My Retelling On Cinderella

Today I have done a wevideo about the story Cinderella,  I learnt how to use this site so now I can use it more often.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The Three Little Pigs Retelling Scaffold

Today I have learn't how to retell a narrative. The narrative that I read today was The Three Little Pigs.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Analysing An Narrative

Today LS1 analysed a narrative for writing. We learnt that a narrative is a fictional story, it has a beginning, middle and end. In the beginning there is an orientation which has the characters and the settings,and there is also a hook. In the middle there is a problem and in the end there is a solution. I enjoyed today lesson and I hope we do something like it again.  The narrative I analysed was The Crystal Den.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Statistical Investigation/Favourite Device

Today Vance and I did a Statistical Investigation on LS1's favourite devices.
A skill me and Vance learnt was how to make a spreadsheet to record our data.
A fact me and Vance learnt was that people like an Xbox more than any of the other choices in LS1.
The most voted device was the Xbox with 19 people voting for it, this means that an xbox is the most favourite device in LS1.
The least voted device were Ipads and computers, so LS1's favourite devices are not computers or ipads.
Ipads and computers were voted by 8 people.
A pattern we found was that the chart starts off with 8 votes and then it is a high number, a lower number and a lower number.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Learning Space 1's Brirthdays

The month that was celebrated the most in LS1 was April,there is 9 people that celebrate their birthday on April.

The month that was celebrated the least was December with 2 people that celebrate their birthday on that month.

March,July and November had the same number of birthdays celebrated in.Each month was celebrated three times.

May and September had the same number of birthdays celebrated in.Each month was celebrated 4 times

A pattern LS1 found in the birthday chart was that it starts off with a low number then a high number all the way to November which was a low number and then December was a low number.

Today I have learnt how to use a Google Spreadsheet to make a graph.

People I saw in the Holidays

This presentation is about all of my school friends I saw in the Holidays,I saw Taylor,Kezia and Affonso.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Individual Blogger Profile

Kia ora my name is Jack,and I go to Panmure Bridge School. I work in Learning Space One and I am a year 5. I work with year 5 and 6 students. My teachers are Miss Paton and Mr Wong. In my spare time I love to play video games and my favourite video game is Minecraft.