Friday, 29 November 2019

Romeo And Juliet

This week, we have been learning about William Shakespeare, and his stories. Our main focus being Romeo and Juliet. We learnt about the story of Romeo and Juliet by watching a few videos that told the story. We then re-wrote a part of the story in our own words, and translated them with a Shakespeare translator. This was a lot of fun to then tell the rest of the class. After we finished our stories, we were given another challenge. In groups we would create a DLO that retold the story. My group created an animation. Although I was not here for creating the DLO, so thank you to Jonathan, Te Pounamu and Giovanni for creating the animation.

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Writing: Personification

Today for writing, our we revisited personification. Personification is giving human attributes to non human things. For our challenge we needed to get into pairs, and together write a story full of personification. Although there was a catch. Our story had to be about the life of a shoe, and include the 5 senses. Although it doesn't end there. With our partner we needed to sit back to back and not say a word to each other. We would each take turns writing a sentence. For this activity I worked with Julian and we enjoyed writing our story, and are happy with the outcome.

As my owner grabbed me, he stuck his stinky feet inside my mouth. It was just a normal day, so I was used to it. But then I overheard my owner saying he wants better looking shoes! When I heard that it felt like my soul was ripped out, oh wait he just shifted it around as it was uncomfortable. This was bad, I knew what had happened to unwanted shoes, I felt devastated. The next day we went to Footlocker the place he got me, and I feared for my life. He forcefully opened the door, I was scared, what would he do with me? He walked out with these fresh, never touched, elegant Nike's, I was being replaced by a model! Then he took me and my brother off of his feet and put on his new shoes, and tied us together. We felt betrayed. He swung us around and around and, BLAST!!! Stuck on a power line. As we dangled from the power line, tears fell from our laces as we stayed there waiting for our owner. The tears landed on his shoulder and he looked up at us, could it be? He thought about it and said, “Looks like it’s gonna rain” and ran off.

Reading: Horrible Histories

For the last 2 weeks in reading, our focus has been history. Specifically the Horrible Histories book series. For this activity I worked with Alex, Aung Naing and Julian, and we read the Horrible Histories Dark Knights and Dingy Castles. Our challenge was to use the information gathered by the books to create a DLO that talked about the things in our books, and an interactive DLO that others can join in on. We created a DLO that explained what a knight is along with some famous knights from history, and a Kahoot quiz that our class mates could participate in. When we presented, a lot of people enjoyed playing the Kahoot, and most people did quite well. This was a fun activity, and I enjoyed learning a whole lot about medieval times, and knights.

Friday, 15 November 2019

Inquiry: Talk With Michal

Yesterday, we were visited by a lady named Michal. She is the owner of a small business by the name of Foodprint. Foodprint is a business that allows people to purchase food that would've been thrown away at a much cheaper price. You simply download the app, look through the foods, and pick it up. Michal visited us to talk about her business, and how businesses start as this is our Inquiry topic for term 4, Economics and Enterprise. Foodprint has been a business for 6 months, although it has been an idea for 2 years. Michal has for a long time thought about how much food is wasted, and this problem gave her the idea. Did you know that 20 million loaves of bread is wasted in NZ a year! I would recommend that you consider Foodprint as it is literally free money for the same fresh food you can get in a shop! Around 250 cafes supply Foodprint with the food they sell, so you can get a large variety of the foods you like to eat.

Helping Room 6 And 7 | Manaiakalani Film Festival

Yesterday room 6 and 7 came up to Learning Space 2. We got into the pairs we were in yesterday for the Manaiakalani Film Festival. Although today Nevaeh was not at school so I filled in for him and joined with his partner. With Junior we created a Google Drawing that showed a picture of him, along with a sentence they wrote, a title and our names. I let Junior pick the colours of both the background

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Manaiakalani Film Festival

Yesterday, Panmure Bridge School along with other schools in Manaiakalani went to Sylvia Park HOYTS Cinema to attend the 12th Manaiakalani Film Festival. Learning Space 2 would each take up the role of taking care of another student from room 6 or 7, although there weren't enough students for everyone so I helped take care of Khit with Aung Naing. We went to Sylvia Park by bus and walked in a line from the car park to the cinema. From there we waited for our cue to go into the theatre. We then sat our room 6 or 7 partners down on their seats and walked up to the top row in the theatre. The Manaiakalani Film festival was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed watching the movies. (Especially in the Lazy Boy recliners) My favourite movie throughout the whole film festival was Learning Space 1's 3 part How To films. My favourite out of the 3 was the How To Hold A Netbook film. If you would like to watch the film then click Here.

Thursday, 7 November 2019

KiwiSport: Tennis | Session 2

Today we had the next session of tennis for Kiwi Sport. In today's lesson we focused completely on learning how to volley. A volley in tennis is where you hit the ball before it hits the ground. We learnt how to volley by throwing the ball to our partner and doing rally's where we would count how many volleys we could do with our partner. Unfortunately no photos were taken of me or my partner so instead I have grabbed a photo of professional tennis player Roger Federer doing a volley.

Maths: Market Game

Today we were given a maths challenge. It involved a game about Market Day that we would play with a friend and see who ended up with more money at the end. The gist of the game is roll a numbered dice and move that many steps. If you land on a sale, you roll a dice with 2 J's (Juggling ball), 2 H's (Hacky sacks), and 2 B's (Bungy balls). Which ever letter you land on will be what you sell. Although if you end up landing on Market Option, it will give you a deal that you can give the customer that you could do or turn down. For this game I worked with Aung Naing, and we had a lot of fun playing the game, and tallying up how much money we made and lost. We hope we can play another game like this again.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Provocation: Should We Ban Fireworks

Today we were given another Guy Fawkes related challenge. For this challenge we got into groups and would create a DLO that would show 3 sides to the banning fireworks provocation. We should ban them, we shouldn't ban them, and our personal opinion. For this activity I worked with Julian and Jonathan, and we had a lot of fun. It was an interesting topic, but one we enjoyed.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Guy Fawkes | Safety Rules Presentation

Today Learning Space 2 got into groups and each created a presentation that gave 5 rules about safety when it came to fireworks as it is Guy Fawkes. For this activity I worked with Alex and Aung Naing and we had a lot of fun creating this presentation. Once we had completed our presentations we would go to another class and present our rules to them. We chose to present our slideshow to room 1.

Friday, 1 November 2019

Maths: Family Shopping

Last week for maths, we were given a challenge. In groups, we were given a digital budget of $200 to spend on food and shopping for a week. This included breakfast, lunch, dinner and other necessities. For this activity, I worked with Aung Naing, Matthew, Nidhi, Angelene and Karlos. This was an interesting challenge as it sounds so simple, but ended up a lot harder. Although we still ended up having a lot of fun, and if you would like to see what we bought then I have put screenshots below.

Inquiry: Research Time

This week for inquiry, we were given a small challenge to complete. In this challenge we learnt the definitions of a need and want, the difference between them, how have they been met through a product or service, and how do we know when someone needs or wants something. With this knowledge we needed to get into small groups and create a DLO that fully explained everything we learnt. For this activity I worked with Alex, Te Pounamu, Joseph and Jonathan.

Maths: Real Cost Of Owning A Dog

This week for maths, we were given a challenge. Once we got into pairs, we would then find a dog breed and telly up how much it would cost raising the dog we would like to have. For this task I worked with Julian, and we had a lot of fun. From looking at prices, to just talking about our dog, we had a blast. The dog Julian and I decided on was a Tibetan Mastiff. We both chose this breed as it is large and fluffy, low energy, and extremely affectionate! Some things almost everybody wants in a pet. If you would like to read more about our choice of pet, I have linked our class presentation about the dogs we would like.

Tech: Woodwork | Term 4

Today we had the next session of tech at Tamaki College. This term the year 8's have been doing Woodwork with Mr Grundy, and it is about now when people have almost finished their projects. Today at tech, I have finally started to glue all of my pieces of wood together to form the shape of my truck that I will be creating. Although as most of this session was me waiting for the glue to dry, I decided to help my peers to help the time pass. Next week I will be working on attaching my wheels to my truck, and doing the finishing touches.