Thursday, 11 April 2019

Inquiry: Continents Of The World

Today we have been given an interesting challenge by our teacher. This challenge was to create a DLO in ten minutes about the different continents in the world, and the countries that live among those continents. Once we had created the DLO, we then could find at least 3 interesting facts about the different continents. The reason as to why we did this challenge was to expand our general knowledge about the world and different continents. For this activity I worked with Joseph and we had a lot of fun finding facts, and finding information.

Friday, 5 April 2019

Inquiry: North Island Kokako Infographic

This week, everyone in LS2 has been given a set of different challenges based on our camp. For this activity, what we needed to do was find different bits of information about the North Island Kokako bird. This included it's diet, habitat, appearance, and interesting facts. Once we had all of our information, we needed to find a picture, and put it on. This activity was a lot of fun, and my favourite part was drawing a Kokako.

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Writing: Siri Group Challenge

Today, we have been given a challenge for writing by our teacher Mrs Anderson. Our challenge was to write in exactly 50 words, a response that Siri (An automated program on Apple devices) would give us if we asked it "Why Kokako Lodge is the greatest place to take year 7 and 8's on camp?" Although Mrs Anderson wanted to make this more of a challenge. So what we could do is gain points by using different Language features that would give us 5 points each. If every feature was used, then you could gain a total of 40 points. Although for another 5 points, you needed to make sure that everyone in your group was working together, and that a learning conversation was taking place. If you had exactly 50 words, and you used different references, you could even have 100 points total! Once you finished writing, you needed to digitally create a Siri conversation showing Siri's answer. The final step was to create a Screencastify that had us voicing over the whole conversation. For this activity, I worked with Julian, Alex, and Viliami. We had a lot of fun, and enjoyed recording the most.

Monday, 1 April 2019

Maths: Blog Post Data Analysis

This week, everyone has been given a challenge. This challenge was to create a blog post analysis that tells people how many blog posts we have posted each month of each year that we have had a device. Although Mrs Anderson wanted to give Alex, Julian and I more of a challenge. What we now put into our DLO's was the amount of comments and blog posts we posted and received each month. Now this was still really tough, although we had come up with a variation of ways to make the process faster. First, once we had our numbers to work with, we needed to pull up a Spreadsheet, and create different graphs that would each show our yearly and monthly progress. Then we needed to put our graphs onto a presentation, along with an explanation on why we got so many or so little comments and posts. Finally we just needed to create a Screencastify of us reading everything out. This activity was a lot of fun, and we hope for another activity just like it.