Friday, 13 April 2018

Tech: Sanding My Pewter Design | Pewter Casting

This week at tech, we continued sanding our pewter designs. This week was the best week for me, as I got through 3 different design states. Now I am up to the point where I sand my design with a 1200 grit piece of sandpaper, with water, to get rid of all of the dust on the pewter. I made a DLO (Digital Learning Object) to explain two things. What I managed to complete that day, and what I have to do next time. I had a little bit of time before I had to post it, so I drew a picture as well to show what I had done.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Maths: How To Use A Protractor DLO

This week for maths, one of our tasks was to create a DLO that explained the basic parts of a protractor, and how you use one. It needed to have a detailed explanation, and if we wanted, a picture showing how a protractor works. This was an individual task that wasn't to challenging. As long as we understood how to use a protractor, then it was simple to explain. This activity took me around half an hour to complete, and compared to my other DLO's, it's a lot more blank. Although it turned out quite well in the end.

Reading: A Summary On All Te Tiriti Texts

For reading for the past couple of weeks, Mrs Anderson's groups have been reading short texts on the Treaty of Waitangi. While reading these texts, Sanujan and I have been making summaries on these texts, while adding in our own drawn pictures of scenarios in the stories. Although for the 5th and final text, Sanujan and I not only summarised this text, but instead all of the texts in one big summary. To make this summary, we first found a bunch of key parts of the story, and redrew the parts ourselves. We spend roughly 2/3 weeks creating this, and it was definitely a hard task. In the end Mrs Anderson loved the summary, and the pictures too. So she decided to print and laminate it, and put it on the wall.

Filming In A Someday Workshop

This week on Tuesday, I wasn't at school. Although it was for a good reason. I didn't arrive at school, because I instead went to Mount Smart Stadium to make movies in a Outlook For Someday Workshop. In this workshop, we would learn new tips and tricks on film making, and would make our own short films. The day started off with getting into groups of 4 or 5, and move to a new room. In this room every person would chose a card with a picture on the floor. We would then move to a table, and explain to our group what movie idea we got from that image. The care I had chosen was Asking For Help. The idea that I came up with from this card was about a child with dyslexia who struggles with learning. Because of this he is lonely when eating, and gets made fun of. It was to my surprise that this became our groups movie idea. Keep in mind that these were random people who signed up to the workshop like me, so I had to make new friends. Which is definitely something that I struggle to do. Although the people I worked with ended up to be really nice people. There was Emily, Faith, Lucy, Malinda and I all in one group. Having 2 hours to film, edit and voice record an entire movie. It was a tough challenge, but we all had a fun experience. In the very end we watched through everyone's movies, and in our opinion, we did the best. I didn't get any of the footage in the end, or the planning for that matter so I cannot show you the movie.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Reading: Grey Angles

This week for reading, our challenge to complete in time was all about ANZAC day, and World War 1. Everyone in Mrs Anderson's reading group was split into four groups, and each group would be reading a different story about World War 1. The story that my group and I read was a story named Grey Angles. This story explained the job of World War 1 nurses, and how they felt. What we did after reading this story was go through a series of activities that related to the story We would then complete these activities with a partner, although some activities had to be done with the whole group. This included making a DLO, and making a summary.

Keywords: All keywords in Summary will be highlighted in yellow
Nurse/s, World War 1, Sick, Injured, Edna Pengelly, Treated

This text talked about the Nurses that Treated Sick and Injured World War 1 soldiers. It also shared World War 1 Nurse Edna Pengally’s story. It talks about what operations Edna was a part of, and how she felt during her working hours. Edna Pengelly was born on the 5th July 1874, and died on the 20th August 1959. It explains that patients would be Treated in tents, Hospital ships, and even trains! There was a part of the text that explained shell shock, and it’s symptoms.  

Maths: Finding Angles With A Protractor

This week for maths, our task was to complete a sheet of paper with multiple angles on it. We were to use a protractor to find these angles, and check our answers with a buddy. Then we were asked to make a DLO showing our work, which explained how we got our answers. For this activity I worked with Alex and Nyjah, and had Alex check my sheet of paper.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Reading: Making A Kahoot

This week for reading, Mrs Anderson though of an amazing idea. This idea was to each make a kahoot about the Treaty Of Waitangi with a group, and present it to the rest of the class. is an amazing website that allows to create, and play awesome quizzes for free. You can play these quizzes with anyone, without having to pay for the site. Anyone can make a quiz, and getting first place against everyone else is the best feeling of the site. For this activity, I worked with Sanujan, Joseph, Jeremiah, and Mataio. Luckily when playing other people's quizzes, Joseph and I both got a first place victory. This was an awesome activity, and seeing everyone's quizzes was even more awesome.

If you would also like to play our kahoot, you can click this link to play with friends: Kahoot