Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Reading: Grey Angles

This week for reading, our challenge to complete in time was all about ANZAC day, and World War 1. Everyone in Mrs Anderson's reading group was split into four groups, and each group would be reading a different story about World War 1. The story that my group and I read was a story named Grey Angles. This story explained the job of World War 1 nurses, and how they felt. What we did after reading this story was go through a series of activities that related to the story We would then complete these activities with a partner, although some activities had to be done with the whole group. This included making a DLO, and making a summary.

Keywords: All keywords in Summary will be highlighted in yellow
Nurse/s, World War 1, Sick, Injured, Edna Pengelly, Treated

This text talked about the Nurses that Treated Sick and Injured World War 1 soldiers. It also shared World War 1 Nurse Edna Pengally’s story. It talks about what operations Edna was a part of, and how she felt during her working hours. Edna Pengelly was born on the 5th July 1874, and died on the 20th August 1959. It explains that patients would be Treated in tents, Hospital ships, and even trains! There was a part of the text that explained shell shock, and it’s symptoms.  

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