Thursday, 12 April 2018

Filming In A Someday Workshop

This week on Tuesday, I wasn't at school. Although it was for a good reason. I didn't arrive at school, because I instead went to Mount Smart Stadium to make movies in a Outlook For Someday Workshop. In this workshop, we would learn new tips and tricks on film making, and would make our own short films. The day started off with getting into groups of 4 or 5, and move to a new room. In this room every person would chose a card with a picture on the floor. We would then move to a table, and explain to our group what movie idea we got from that image. The care I had chosen was Asking For Help. The idea that I came up with from this card was about a child with dyslexia who struggles with learning. Because of this he is lonely when eating, and gets made fun of. It was to my surprise that this became our groups movie idea. Keep in mind that these were random people who signed up to the workshop like me, so I had to make new friends. Which is definitely something that I struggle to do. Although the people I worked with ended up to be really nice people. There was Emily, Faith, Lucy, Malinda and I all in one group. Having 2 hours to film, edit and voice record an entire movie. It was a tough challenge, but we all had a fun experience. In the very end we watched through everyone's movies, and in our opinion, we did the best. I didn't get any of the footage in the end, or the planning for that matter so I cannot show you the movie.

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