Thursday, 12 April 2018

Reading: A Summary On All Te Tiriti Texts

For reading for the past couple of weeks, Mrs Anderson's groups have been reading short texts on the Treaty of Waitangi. While reading these texts, Sanujan and I have been making summaries on these texts, while adding in our own drawn pictures of scenarios in the stories. Although for the 5th and final text, Sanujan and I not only summarised this text, but instead all of the texts in one big summary. To make this summary, we first found a bunch of key parts of the story, and redrew the parts ourselves. We spend roughly 2/3 weeks creating this, and it was definitely a hard task. In the end Mrs Anderson loved the summary, and the pictures too. So she decided to print and laminate it, and put it on the wall.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jack.
    This is an amazing DLO you've created. I really like the fact that you've decided to take inspiration from the original picture and trace it. I also like the little person you've created for your name. Next time try your best to make the font size bigger. Was it difficult to draw you character? I've also created some free hand drawn characters. It's pretty Hard.

    Yours Sincerely