Friday, 22 June 2018

DigiTech: Week 4 | Finishing Our Animated Stories

Today, we had our fourth session of DigiTech. In this session, we needed to complete our animated story that we started in week 2. This story is an example of an animated story that I recreated using Scratch. If I could do this task again, I wouldn't change a thing about it, as I am really happy with the turnout, and it's comparison to other peoples work.

The components used to recreate this story include:

Sprites (For Characters).
Backdrops (For backgrounds).
Dialogue (So sprites can speak to each other).

The codes that I used to recreate this story include:

  • Event scripts (To begin the story). 
  • Event scripts (To start the next sequence).
  • Look scripts (To allow the sprites to talk). 
  • Look scripts (To change the backdrops).
  • Control scripts (To put pauses into our animation).
  • Motion (To move the sprites).

Thursday, 21 June 2018

HIIT: Session 2 of Week 4

Today, we had our second session of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for this week. Last week, our exercises were split squats, split squat pulses, slit squat jump, and star jumps. Although for this week we had completely new exercises. This week for our exercises we did squats, push ups, and bar pull ups. Another different thing about this weeks sessions were that we were set in a rotation. You see, there wasn't enough bars for the bar pull ups, so what we did was get into a group of six, and in this group everyone would have a partner. You and your partner would stay at one station for a whole 80 seconds, so both of you would have 40 seconds to do that exercise. Next you would more to another station and do the same thing. I had a lot fun this week for HIIT, and have no clue what we will be doing next week. Hopefully something as awesome as this week.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Tech: DigiTech Project - Initial Planning

Today we had our third session of DigiTech. In this session, we were to complete the following tasks:

Context Brainstorm
Conceptual Statement - To Be Completed Next Week
Planning Timeframes

Although before we began working on any of those tasks, we first started off with a Kahoot to refresh our memory with what we will be doing whenever we visit DigiTech. Following that, we moved onto our tasks for this session. We started off by creating a Content Brainstorm. The purpose of the Content Brainstorm is to show nearby locations in Tamaki that we could add into an animated story. Next came the Conceptual Statement. The purpose of the Conceptual Statement is to explain why we are creating this animated story, and what our main target of age groups are. Finally, the Planning Timeframe. The purpose as to why we have done the Planning Timeframe is to sort our different tasks into groups of topics when it comes to showing what we are doing. For example, Planning, Researching, and Evaluating. It also includes the estimated time as to how long it took for us to complete a certain task.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

KiwiCan | Week 7

Today at 9:15, group A visited room 7 to have our week 7 session of KiwiCan. Again, our Value has changed. It was previously about Role Modules, although it has now changed to Accountability. The definition of Accountability is to show responsibility to your actions, and be honest, and show integrity. But what does Accountability look like for Panmure Bridge School. As a class, we talked abut it, and we think that it means to come to school prepared. (Bringing a charged computer, coming to school on time, and being an Agent Of Change). After KiwiCan, we right away have KiwiSport. So it is also important to bring your P.E gear, and deodorant. Coming to school early to school when we have tech, and managing ourselves when it comes to finishing work. After a small chat about what Accountability is, we moved onto a few games. As this weeks energiser, we played a game called Copy Me. To play this game, you will get into 4 even groups. Next you will choose a leader to represent your group. This person will run to either of our KiwiCan teachers, Mr Matt and Miss Lily. Then they will give you a playing card. With this card you will run back to your group, and say the card. Next you will do a specific action according to the type of card. On the white board, there will be a list of actions to do, followed by a number. If the number on your card matched one of the numbers on the board, then you and your group would have to do the action next to your number. This was a fun activity, although the next one just happened to be even better. Our next activity was called Two Truths, One Lie. In this game, you will come up with three scenarios. Two of which must be true, while the remaining one must be a lie. Although the twist was that these all have to be about you. Not everyone got a turn in this activity, but I was lucky enough to be able to participate. The three scenarios I chose was, I once stole a lolly when I was 3, I have broken at least 1 bone, and I have never left the North Island of New Zealand. Can you guess which one was a lie? The answer is that I have NEVER broken a bone, meaning that the second scenario was FALSE. We then finished off the lesson with a round of GKQ. The game of General Knowledge. To play everyone get's into a circle, and will battle against someone with their brain. They will be asked a question, and the first to answer correctly would win.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Maths: Money Problem

Today for maths we were to find the salary all 7 people got. We could work independently or with a peer for this task so I decided to work with Sanujan. Now let’s get to the learning part. Firstly we were to read the question, and use the hints in the question to find the answer. The trick to this was start solving from the bottom. We know that Melissa had $49, and it said Liz received 7 times LESS than Melissa. So what we did was 49 divided by 7 which is $7. This was the first step we did. You can look at the rest of our DLO to see the rest of our working out.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

CARE Awards - Silver: Attitude | Represent The School At An Outside Function

For my first challenge for my Silver Attitude CARE Award, I noticed a blogpost I could create as a part of my challenges. Represent the school at an outside function. I found this one quite challenging, as I couldn't think of anything I could do for this. Although after a bit of thinking, I remembered just one thing I could do. The Someday Workshop that I had taken part in. I have already done a blogpost for this Here, although with this blogpost, I will add a bit more detail. As I got across in the previous post about this, I missed school because of this, and visited Mount Smart Stadium to make a movie. I was the only one from Panmure Bridge School doing this, and this was also my first time doing it, so I wasn't the most confident person there. It started off by testing our imagination. Everyone participating would grab a cardboard card from off the floor, and explain to everyone else why they chose that specific card. Maybe the colours, the name, but most importantly, what ideas you could come up with the card. The card I had chosen was asking for help. I had chosen this card from the first thing that popped into my head when seeing it. Now I knew that after all of this prepping up, that we would begin filming with a group, so I instantly came up with a movie idea. I thought of a young child, with dyslexia. He would struggle with learning, and never fit in. That he would get help by someone, allowing him to face his fears, and appreciate who he is. I thought this would be a good, but complex idea. Although to my surprise, it was the idea my group went with. We then spent the rest of the day (2 and a half hours) filming it, and having at least an hour to edit it. The time was set, and so we began. We started by getting our equipment. In the end we used my camera as a secondary view, another persons camera as the main camera, and a microphone for the voicing over I would do. Next came our roles, Faith and Miranda as the camera operators, Faith also as the editor, Lucy as a main character, and finally me, as Sam, the dyslexic kid. We all had a lot of fun working on this movie together, and getting to know each other. With every scene came a series of laughter, joy, and getting along. Although after hours of movie making, we were done. It then came to screening the movies. It started with a movie about a kid who got bullied, followed by a movie about a kid who never ate his fruit, and finally, our movie came. We were glad that best was saved for last. As much as we enjoyed our movie, the other movies were enjoyable to watch just as much. This was an amazing opportunity that I was given, and I hope to do something like this again.

Outlook For Someday Website: Here
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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Maths: Fractions Extension

This week for maths, as an extension to our main task, we were also asked to in addition with solving a problem about cinema attendance, to solve a problem about how many students there are in a classroom, and the amount of people of specific ages. This was a really exciting activity, as it sounded like a real challenge. For this task, I worked with Sanujan, and we finished this in a relatively small amount of time. All of our work can be explained in the DLO.