Friday, 23 August 2019

Persuasive Speech

Last week we presented our speeches and I was lucky enough to make it into the whole school competition. My speech topic was about plagiarism. I really enjoyed both writing my speech, and presenting it. I have linked my speech below if you would like to read it.

Plagiarism… What is it? According to Google, plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own. My name is Jack, and today I want to warn you about the dangers of plagiarism.

Plagiarism is a form of copying. Many people from a range of ages plagiarise on a day to day basis, although most people don’t ever think twice about the risks they may be taking. A common misconception of taking work or ideas can be misinterpreted with taking inspiration. Two of the most close, yet differing practices. Think about a time you plagiarised. The quick look over your shoulder to get the answer. Writing a text about a topic and finding the perfect article relating to the text. A simple copy and paste? Almost everyone has plagiarised one way or another, nobody’s perfect.

No matter the reason, nor the outcome, plagiarism can be dangerous. Plagiarism is a lie that can continue for as long as you make it. Although plagiarism isn’t just your simple copy and paste. It can go from stealing a small answer, to even identity theft! Some things no one should ever endorse. It is a slippery slope that one day may end up with a worse consequence than being sent to the principal’s office. It can cause your work in school to deteriorate, and for your credits in college to dreadfully be damaged. Copying something word for word? Plagiarism… Taking all the credit for a group project? Plagiarism… Taking and image without attributions!? Plagiarism… There are many many forms of plagiarism. So many that you may plagiarise without even knowing it!

So don’t plagiarise… Plagiarism is so incredibly simple to pull off that most of the time you get away with it. And there’s no better guilt trip than getting away with the lie that you mischievously pulled off. Although don’t let the rush of theft get over your head.

So don’t plagiarise, there are many dangers that are involved with the process. Although that doesn’t mean you can’t take inspiration. If you find a good article, feel free to modify ideas (So long as you give proper attributions), if you’re a little lost in a project, ask your peers for help, and most importantly if you are in a situation where you can plagiarise? Think twice, make a choice, make the right choice. Thank you for listening.

Friday, 16 August 2019

Tech: Cooking | Week 4

Today we had the next session of tech, although again unfortunately Miss Heka was absent. So this meant that we were doing another worksheet. The worksheet we did today included a wordfind, a blank page where we could draw a pizza, a page with actions that we needed to label, and a page that showed an image and we needed to circle each hazard in the image. Unfortunately it was not as fun as it would've been to cook something, but it was still a fun session.

Monday, 12 August 2019

Reading: The Story Of The Dawn Raids and The Polynesian Panthers

For the past week in reading, Rakino group has been reading a text that all revolves around the story of the dawn raids and the Polynesian Panthers. If you did not know the Dawn Raids were evacuation protocols which involved the police going to Polynesian homes and forcing them to show their passports that stated whether they were allowed to live in the country. If demands were not met, they were locked up and later kicked out of the country. Our challenge was to read the text and answer questions. With this new found knowledge we needed to create a DLO that showed both perspectives of the issue.

Friday, 2 August 2019

Tech: Returning To Tech For Term 3

Today we had our first session of tech for term 3 this year. Unfortunately Miss Heka was not here today so instead Miss Elice was here to give us worksheets to fill out. The worksheet was about Greece and the history of food there. We started by reading a few pages that gave us a bunch of information about the topic. Then we got our first few questions. After that there were a few pages which all contained a wordfind. That was as far as we got into the worksheets, there were still a few pages remaining, but I managed to complete 1 wordfind in the time we were given. Although we couldn't do cooking I still had fun.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

HIIT: A Final Session To End The Term

Today as the second to last day of term 2, we had 1 final session of HIIT to finish off the term. In today's session we all focused on our upper body strength, and did a rotation of pull ups, press ups, and mountain climbers. In each rotation, we would have a partner. With our partner we would take turns every 30 seconds to do each exercise. Although before we got to the main exercises, we started with a warm up. With a buddy, we would try to tap their shoulders, while not getting taped ourselves. If your shoulder was tapped, you would then do a burpee. Then we switched the punishment to planking, and hitting your partners hands 10 times. At the very end we would do one final exercise. We would all do squats to the song Flower which many times includes the words Up and Down. Every time the word up was said, we would stand. Every time the word down was said, we would squat. I had a lot of fun today, and I am hoping we continue next term.

Maths: Presenting Our Maths Games

This morning, Learning Space 2 showcased the maths games that we have all been working on for the last 2 weeks. My maths game allowed players to practice adding and subtracting decimal numbers. My game included a total of 10 questions, 5 subtraction, 5 addition. A few features that my game included was a scoreboard, an animated calculator as a character, and a certificate at the end that would certify your score. This whole activity started last week where we first needed to plan out the layout of our game. We would do this for the first two maths lessons, and when it was complete we would start getting to work. The program we all needed to use was simple Google Presentation, and to make it into an actual game we would use the linking feature, and link different boxes to other slides in the presentation. I along with the rest of the class had such an awesome time the last two weeks, and we were happy to be given such a fun activity to complete. If you would like to play my game, I have linked it below.

Monday, 17 June 2019

Reading: Waltzing Matilda

Last week for reading, we started an activity. The activity was to read the poem Waltzing Matilda by Banjo Paterson. After reading the poem, we needed to get into pairs, and analyse and unpack the  the poem. With this information we then needed to go through a couple of questions. This included which version of the poem did you prefer, the original or new version? What do you think the poem was about? And what Literary Devices could the poet use to paint a vivid image in our heads? Once those questions were answered, the final step was to create a DLO that would explain what the poem was about in a summary. To help keep our ideas in order, a template DLO was given to us which we could use to store our ideas. For this activity I worked Giovanni, and we had a lot of fun.