Friday, 16 February 2018

Summer Learning Journey: Prize Annunciation

Today in assembly, Rachel and a friend from the NEXT Foundation, presented the Summer Learning Journey awards, and certificates. This Summer Learning Journey had a lot of participants, and award
recipients, and it also had a lot of challenges and comments. Because of the amount people entering the competition, there were a lot of winners. This time, there were 4 winners! The winners this time were Alex and Mele, both in first, Ofa in second, and Marieta in third. As well as that, there were also spot prizes to top it. So there were over 50 participants, 4 winners, and 3 spot prizes! We all want to thank Rachel, and the rest of the Summer Learning Journey team, and also the NEXT Foundation, for providing us with cool NEXT Foundation T-shirts, for the winners to wear.

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