Thursday, 10 November 2016

Maths: Bar Graph

L.I: to accurately collect data 
L.I: to accurately present data
L.I: to accurately interpret data
This week for maths we got to group up and choose a subject to get the classes answer or opinion. I worked with Abdurrahim and our subject was the ages of people in LS1. Once we got our answers we had to make a graph representing the Mean Median and Mode. Mean is the average number so our average ages in the class was 10.29 Years old. The Median is the middle number but me and Abdurrahim couldn't do that because we didn't record out data in order so we could skip that part. And the Mode is the most shown number, so our most shown was the 11 year old's because there were more 11 year old's than all the other ages. This is me and Abdurrahim's graph that we made.

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