Thursday, 24 November 2016

Writing: Information Report Introduction

LI: to write an informative introduction. For writing we had to write an information report introduction about any aviator. We planned with an app called Coggle and got the main information we needed.

Jean Batten

Jean Batten, born September 15th 1909 in Rotorua New Zealand and died November 22 1982 was famous for beating Amy Johnson’s record from flying to England to Australia and she beat Amy by 4 days! Her flight in total went for 14 days and 22 hours, and she got famous in the 1930’s. Her full real name is actually Jane Gardner Batten but then people started calling her Jean Batten instead. Jean did more flights like England to New Zealand and England to Brazil but once she made a world record she became one of New Zealand’s hero’s.

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