Friday, 27 October 2017

KiwiSport: Our First Badminton Session

This week for KiwiSport, we had our first Badminton session. Our coach / teacher was a man named Kevin, and he did a really well job at teaching us. We learnt 4 things during this session, and they were our fore-hand grip, our backhand grip, and two small trickshots. This was a really fun lesson this one, probably one of the best KiwiSport lessons that I've taken part in. Although this was a really fun session, it was quite a challenge since I've injured my knee. We were also given challenge. For this challenge, we had to see how many times we could juggle the shuttlecock (Meaning how many times we could hit the shuttlecock without it falling). I really really enjoyed this KiwiSport session, the main reason being that Badminton is my favourite sport.

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