Wednesday, 1 November 2017

KiwiCan: Week 3 Session

Today we had KiwiCan. This time for KiwiCan we played two games, they were Tangled Arms, and 10 Down. Both were simple and fun games. First there was Tangled arms, the rules are, get into a group and make a circle with all players. The person that you are facing would then hold your left or right hand, this process must continue until everyone is holding someones hand. Then do the process again, but with a different hand being held. Next you have to attempt to create your circle again without anyone letting go of their peers hand/s. Secondly and lastly we played 10 Down. You are split into two teams, one wearing bibs, the other team not. One team will start with the ball, your objective being tap the ball on the ground and pass. You want this to continue until the ball has been placed on the ground 10 times. Although you are allowed to hit the ball out of an opponents hand, if the ball then lands in the outside of the cones, the other team starts with the ball. We all enjoyed this activity, and I was lucky enough to be able to play with an injured knee. (Being the reason why there is tape on my knee in some photos.


  1. Hi Jack

    You have a really great Blogpost. It has a lot of detail.

    Good Job!

  2. Greetings Jack
    I like how you added in a large selection of photos, they really help if someone is trying to imagine what happened. I have some questions for you though: What was it like when you did these challenges? Did you find them easy or hard?
    Great job on this! I had fun when I was doing these challenges, did you?