Friday, 3 November 2017

Inquiry: Emergency Services In Our Local Communtiy

L.I: to look at more than one information source when researching.
L.I: to record facts in your own words

This week for inquiry, we learnt about the emergency services that are located in our community. For this activity, we had to get into a group of 6, and choose a partner. With this partner you needed to choose 2 of the following. Fire fighters, police, ambulance, search and rescue, surf lifesavers, or armed service. My partner was Alex, and we chose to do police and ambulance. Our teachers Mr Wong and Mr Ogilvie had put cards around the room, and on each card there was a fact. There were 6 cards in total, 1 card for each emergency service. We then had to find where those facts were located online. Our next challenge was to find our own facts about the services that we chose, then find a site with the same fact, and finally, find a book with that fact. Alex and I unfortunately didn't find sites backing up the fact from a book about the police, and we couldn't find a book backing up the fact that was put on the wall.

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