Thursday, 30 November 2017

Inquiry: Government Services

L.I: to look at more than one information source when researching.
L.I: to record facts in your own words.

This week for inquiry, we continued our Our Local Community inquiry subject. We, again, had to get into a group of six. Be partners with one of those five other people in your group. Chose 2 of the given types of people in the local community, and then research about them. i'm not going to go into full detail for what has to be done. So if you want to know more, then go to one of my previous inquiry blogposts. This time I was partners with Avalon. Our subject for this week was, Government Services. We had 6 choices to pick from, Politicians, Councils, Mayors, Libraries, Ministry For Primary Industries, or Welfare. Avalon and I chose to do Mayors, and Libraries. Again, we couldn't find any books backing up the facts we found, so we had to skip that one part.

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