Friday, 24 November 2017

Athletics Day Post

Today, we had an outstanding day. This Friday, was athletics day. Now, we didn't go anywhere to compete in activities. We didn't go to a track for running, we didn't go to a sand pit to do long jump. No, this was all done in our school. There were quite a few activities, some of them being common known games and challenges, and the others being ones that not most people would know. We had 9 activities altogether, but I will now be adding in every little detail. Only the major ones. We were already set up for teams to compete against each other, to make it more of a challenge, rather then joining in with activities. I, was in the blue team. Sadly enough, I was not with any of my friends. Although, it was obvious that it was going to happen. In my team, there was Te Ponamu, Fui, Neveah and I. We were all spit up into year levels, so that not everyone was competing in the same challenge. The first activity I took part in, was the egg and spoon race. The rules are simple, go from one area, to another. The challenge to this would be the you have a spoon, with a fake, or sometimes real, egg place on it. You would dodge obstacles, go over things, and race other players. In the end, my team came in second, but only by a few seconds. We then moved onto the next challenge, Basketball and Netball Shootout. This time, we had to, with our team, throw a basketball or net ball into a basketball of netball hoop. We would have 1 minute to see how many times we could score. I don't know what place we came, but we got 14 points for the basketball part of the game, and 8 points for the netball part. A quick run through, and we have scored an extra 150 points in the shot putt throw, just won our team long jump, scored 45 points (Which seems like a lot, but it's not much compared to the other teams) in hula hoop throw, and lost in surf lifesavers. I really enjoyed today, the only con I can think of is that I am still really tired from it, and I have really sore legs.


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