Friday, 17 November 2017

Maths: Game Show Videos

L.I: to convert the number of chances probability into the percentage probability

This week for maths, we had to either create a game, or a scenario that allowed people to have a way higher chance of winning. For this activity, I worked with Alex, and Julian. We had to, write down our idea, record the shots, and then edit them together. I've added in the rules and details that I wrote below.


The idea is to create a game show video, with presenters, contestants, and bonus rounds. There will be a spinner with both of the contestants names, one of them being bigger than the other. A pencil will be pointing towards the spinner, and when it stops spinning, the person that the pencil is pointing at has to do a challenge. There will be another spinner with 5 challenges instead of names, the hardest being the biggest, to the easiest being the smallest. The same rules apply, there will be a pencil pointing, the spinner will stop spinning, and whatever challenge it lands on, the chosen person will do that challenge. If they succeed on that challenge, they will be given a number of points depending on the challenges difficulty, and how well they performed it. Whoever the spinner chooses, that person is the only one to do a challenge. If it lands on the contestant, then the presenter can’t spin the challenge wheel for them to attempt to complete. Whoever it lands on, they are the only one who has a chance to win. However, if someone fails a challenge, then the other player can take that challenge for themselves to complete for the points to win.

Some extra details are that Alex will be the first and last presenter. Julian will be the second presenter, and Jack will film and edit the game show. All group helpers (A.K.A Alex, Jack and Julian) will be contestants, and have the higher chance of being picked / win. Our game show name will be Wheels and Challenges. Alex is going to be the presenter for each video, and the presenter is also the one that the contestant has to compete with. Jack will be director and editor for each video, but will also be contestant for second video. Julian will be contestant for each video, but will have the higher chance once like Alex and Jack. Each player has 5 seconds to 1 minute depending on the challenge.

Character Roles:

Jack will be director and editor and second video game contestant
Alex will be game presenter game contestant

Julian will be the main game contestant for round 1 and 3

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

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