Monday, 2 October 2017

Holiday Blogging Challenge: Day 4 | Activity 2

Today I did te second activity for day 4 of the holiday blogging challenge. For this activity we had to find out some facts about the parade that the Auckland Museum does each year. We had to find out when the parade is held, why the Auckland Museum does this parade, and we had to record our answer on a Vocaroo recording.

Recording Link: Here


  1. Malo, Jack
    This is a amazing job you've have did. I really like how there is no noise in the background of your recording.

    Did someone help you do this if yes Well done for asking them.


  2. Shalom Jack, I couldn't listen to your recording but I know you did great in this recording. Did you test out your speaking first?
    Nice Work Jack.

  3. Hi Jack,
    You did a great job at explaining when the Auckland Museum parade is held and why it is held. I didn't really hear your voice but that is okay.
    Keep it up!

  4. Hello Jack great job on your recording and finding when and why there is a parade held at the Auckland Museum. Great job!

  5. Hi Jack!
    I really how you explained why you did the recording! I have some questions though, did it take multiple attempts to record? Also, was it easy to find the information?
    Great work!

  6. Hello Jack. Great job on completing this task. I found this task particularly hard because it took forever to find the parade. Did you find this activity hard?

  7. Hi Jack,
    I like how you explained when and why the parade is held at the Auckland Museum.
    - Zahra