Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Holiday Blogging Challenge: Day 4 | BONUS ACTIVITY

Today I did the bonus activity for day three of the holiday blogging challenge. For this activity, we had to look at what activities that're being held this holidays at the Auckland Museum. What I did for this task was go on the Auckland Museum Website, and look around for any activities that are coming up this holidays. One that I found was about World War 1. It is an activity for children that let them experience what it was like to be a soldier in WW1. Although, we had another task to complete as well. For the second task we had to create a 5 photo exhibition, and the exhibition that I chose to make was a Photography Exhibition.


  1. Hey Jack,
    Your presentaion looks really cool. I really like the photos you have took instead of images. I really like how you screenshot the website you were reading.


  2. Kia Ora Jack, I love the Photography Exhibition. I decided to do this too. When I looked through before I commented it looked so interesting. Superb Work Jack.

  3. Hi Jack,
    I like the way you were creative with your 5 image exhibitions. I also like the way you took photos.
    Keep up the good Work!

  4. Hi Jack. You did a great job on your photo exhibition. I really like how you took all the photos you used. Fantastic job!

  5. Hi Jack!
    Great job on finding this event! I really like how you made that slideshow on how people can still get good photo's without expensive camera's. I have a question though, was it hard to find the event? It was for me.
    Great work!

  6. Hi Jack. Well done on completing all the activities for day four. I really like your photography exhibition. I think you were very creative completing this task. Keep up the amazing work.

  7. Hi Jack,
    I like how you made a DLO showing people you can still get good photo's without expensive camera's. I think you need a high quality camera to see the photo you have taken clearly. Was it hard making this DLO?
    - Zahra