Friday, 27 October 2017

Writing: Our First Badminton Session | RECOUNT

L.I: to revise a recount writing

This week for writing, our must do was to write another recount. This time, our recount needed to be about our experience at our first badminton session for this term. We once again had 40 minutes to write this recount, and made sure to try and create a better recount than last time. When I was writing this recount, I could feel the time pressure kicking in, and I honestly thought that this would be a terrible. Although, after I had finished writing, I realised that this recount was probably better than my edited version of my recount from last week. We were required to mark ourselves, and give our opinion. My marked score that I gave was a 39, which is 10 points over what we should be around the end of the year! I'm really proud with the way this recount turned out, and I can't wait for the next recount to write next week.

Our First Badminton Session

Today, we learnt the basics to badminton. We had this session as our KiwiSport for this term, and once I had first heard that this was our next KiwiSport, I was so excited.

Although badminton is my favourite sport, the thought hit me. I’d realised that since I’ve injured my knee, I may not be able to take part in this session. I went back home that day, and I was so irritated. It was the next day, and to my surprise, I was told to come along to join the other students. I thought I would just have to continue with my work, but I guess I was wrong.

Our badminton teacher’s name was Kevin, and he first gave us an introduction of himself. After he had finished the lesson started, and as I expected, there was a warm up. Stuck in the mud, one of my favourite warm ups, and I had to sit on the stage and watch all my friends and classmates have a bunch of fun. Eventually, the warm up stopped. Finally, I thought in my head. Even though everyone played for about 3 minutes, it felt like an eternity to me. We were told to pick up a badminton racket, and then choose a shuttle / shuttlecock. We then all stood in a line, and had our badminton rackets in our hand. We were then asked a few questions, the first being, does anyone know the two grip names? Followed by, does anyone know how to hold the racket?

After all questions had been asked, and all answers had been given, we began the first part of the lesson. We were challenged to see how many times we could juggle the shuttle using our fore-hand grip. I already knew that I was quite experienced at this, because of the amount of times that I would play badminton in the weekends. In the end, I managed to juggle the shuttle 21 times, which was over our 10 or over goal. After about 2 minutes, Kevin moved onto the second part to our lesson.

Now we had to juggle the shuttle with our backhand grip. This I knew I was going to struggle with knowing that i’m not the most accurate at backhand hits. Surprisingly, I got to 21 hits again! It wasn’t what I had expected, but I still really enjoyed it. We then once again stood in a line, and shared our scores. To my surprise, lot’s of people made it over our amount of hits goal as well. Little did I know was that we were going to get into some extreme stuff in the first lesson.

By extreme, I mean we started to learn some pretty simple trickshots. All together we learnt 2 trickshots, one quite easy, and one quite hard. The first trickshot we attempted was to regularly juggle the shuttle, and sometimes put your arm around your back and hit. I found this as a pretty easy challenge, and a lot of people started to become experts at it. The next trickshot we attempted was to again regularly juggle, but this time, wrap your arm under your legs, and hit. For this one, like me, many people found it a lot harder. Most people didn’t make it over the ten hit goal.

The last part to our lesson was to have a competition. For this competition everyone had to normally juggle the shuttle, although this time, if you dropped the shuttlecock you had to sit down. We had two round of this, and both times, I dropped the shuttle under pressure. We had two winners for those rounds, Julian, and Jonathan. Most people like me would think that that would be the end of it, but instead, Julian and Jonathan had to have a 1v1 battle to see who could juggle the longest. In the end, Julian was the winner.

We then put the equipment away, and said goodbye to Kevin. So far, this has been the best first KiwiSport lesson that has happened. I really cannot wait for the next lesson, and hopefully it will be as fantastic as this one.

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