Thursday, 19 October 2017

Reading: Leadership Recording Frame

L.I: to use a range of comprehension strategies to help you go deeper into a text.

This week for reading, we learnt about Leadership. Our task was to be partners with someone in our group, and either choose leadership, well being, or resilience. Each one had a link to a PDF file that you and your partner would read, and also fill out a recording frame. My partner was Alex, and we chose to do Leadership. There were three parts to the recording frame, the main ideas, a summary about the text, and evaluating. For the main ideas part, we had to find 3 Vital ideas, 4 very important ideas, and a few important ideas. For the summarising part, we had to find 20 important words from the text, chose the 6 that you think are most important, and then make a summary that contain those words. For the evaluating part, we had to write what the text was about, what is an interesting fact that you found, and what questions you have after reading the text.

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