Thursday, 7 December 2017

Inquiry: Our Most Favourite Roles

L.I: to classify personal relationships

This week for inquiry, we continued our must do from last week. Although, this time it was quite different. This time, we worked alone, had to add a lot more information, and had to chose three roles. These roles needed to be the roles that we enjoyed the most, and wanted to learn more of. I chose to do this on libraries / librarians, bus drivers, and ambulance drivers and attendants. I created a set layout for this presentation, and that included how much you get payed to work as that role, a fact, that same fact from a different site, and a box at the top with a text saying whether they interact with my family. I would also add in a picture that I would draw of that job. The hardest part of this activity had to be creating the ambulance.

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  1. Greetings Jack
    Great job on researching your three chosen community roles, I really like how you put in a lot of effort and even added in pictures! I have some questions for you though, How long did you take to make those pictures? Also, would you grow up and become one of those roles?
    Great work