Friday, 8 December 2017

KiwiCan: This Weeks Session

This week for kiwican, we learnt even more about respect, and played a few games. For the first game we all had to stand in a circle, and one person would be in the middle, that one person has to defend a cone, and everyone else who's in the circle has to try to knock the cone down with a ball. This was a fun game, but a bit too challenging. So we moved onto the next game. For this game, there would be 2 teams, bibs, and non bibs. One team would have the ball, and the other team would be running. If you have the ball, you cannot run, but you can pass the ball to your teammates who can run. Your goal is to touch the entire other team with the ball, resulting in them losing, and you winning. Although, if you're in the running team, then you can stand in a hula-hoop for 5 seconds to stay safe, but after that time, you must leave it. For the final game, we stayed in our teams, and our goal was to knock over the other teams tower. There would be one defender, and they would try to fend off the ball.

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