Friday, 15 December 2017

Reading: T.V News Report

L.I: to use a range of comprehension strategies to get deeper into a text

This week for reading, our must do was to create a T.V news report. Just like when we created a news article last week, this time, we had to write scripts, find something to report, and then record it. We had to do this with a group, so I went with Julian, Alex, Chris, and Joseph. We started by getting into our roles. I had the role of the news anchor, the director, and the editor, although with the editing part things started running short. I'll talk about that later, Alex had the role to record my parts, and to be the weather man. Chris was our international reporter, Joseph was our sports reporter, and Julian was our entertainment reporter. The reason why I didn't edit the video was because I also had to edit a movie at the same time. So Alex kindly took leadership over that role. Although Alex slacked in the making of it, and didn't trim the parts of me turning the recording off.

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