Friday, 1 December 2017

KiwiCan: This Week's Session

This week for KiwiCan, we learnt more about respect. In my opinion, this was one of the best KiwiCan sessions, the reason why has to be what our activity was. Now, I love role play, and I am quite good at acting. So I was super excited. We had 3 props to work with, a soccer ball (Which you couldn't pretend was a ball), 2 cones, and 2 hackysacks. Although, we could only use one of the props at a time. Our first bit of role play was with the soccer ball. What we did for that was, I was a Gypsy, and Aung Naing was the one listening. That one was quite fun. The next one we did was with the cones, for that, we pretended that they were U.F.O's. Lastly, we used the hackysacks. For that, Alex and I were Aliens, and we used the hackysacks as laser guns.

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