Friday, 8 December 2017

Maths: That's My Money

L.I: to manage finances and profit

This week for maths, we had a really exiting must do for this week, and next week. Our activity purpose was to learn how to be smart with money, and what to spend it on. We had a lot of extensions towards this, them being taxes, rent, insurance, lotto, and disasters. I'll start off by talking about how we started. When we started, we all had $50 in our balance, and the most common way of earning money would be playing Prototec is a test with different stages, and depending on what stage you do, you would earn more or less depending on the difficulty. That is what I would do for the day, so at home I would spam my stage, and get a lot of money for little work. I continued this for most of the week, and in the end managed to get $182! I really like this activity, it shows responsibility, and is like a test to see how you would use your money at a young age.

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