Monday, 19 March 2018

Writing: 5 - 7 - 10 Writing | The Greatest Library In History

This week for writing, we again did 5 - 7 - 10 writing. 5 minutes to write as much as you can, 7 minutes to talk about your story to a partners, and 10 minutes to edit, and finish the story. Although, to add a twist to it, we needed to use this time to write a character description. We were given a set prompt, and today's prompt, was about the greatest library. I loved this prompt, because it sparked my imagination, and let me write an awesome story.

The Greatest Library In History

Melissa sets foot into the library, that she had heard great comments about, from her
friends. She lives just across the street from this library, and has wanted to go. The only
thing that was restricting her from going, was that she could only go with her mum or dad,
who both work 24/7. Although, today Melissa’s mum got the day off, and agreed to take
her for half an hour.

Melissa grabs a book, and flicks across the pages as her imagination kicks in. She looks
back at the pages, and reads: The beautiful princess stumbles across a small cottage, and
meets Gumbo, the gumball. Melissa looks back up from the pages, and sees a purple
gumball, waving his hand.

Melissa turns her head, to see a lolly path, leading to a chocolate fountain. She says
goodbye to Gumbo, and skips her way to heaven, only to hear her mum call her name.

Melissa then closes the book, and this magical wonderland, then transforms back into the
library. “Thank you for taking me to the library mum, it was the best day ever.” Melissa

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