Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Maths: Creating 3 Maths Problems

This week for maths, our task was to come up with 3 maths problems. Although, we needed to create these problems with a pair, and these problem needed to be about 4 different times, for the 2010, and 2014 Giant Slalom times. We then needed to present our problems to another pair, and answer their question. Mataio and I showed, and answered with Jeremiah, and Tiava. When checking Jeremiah and Tiava's problems, we luckily got them all right. Although when having our problems checked, they also got them alright. Which must've meant that they weren't hard enough. Once checked, we then were to choose one of the other pairs problems, and make a DLO on it, including our answer, and results. I enjoyed this activity a lot, and being able to present my work to others.

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