Friday, 2 March 2018

Maths: Building Blocks Math Problem

This week for maths, we had another problem to solve. It was, Penny finds her old childhood building blocks. She wants a tidy box to store them in. There are 100 2cm blocks and she needs to construct a rectangular cuboid in order to most easily fit the box into her wardrobe. In her technology class, she saves costs by constructing an open wooden box using the least amount of wood. What are the dimensions of her box that holds all 100 cubes? For this activity, we could either work with a partner, or by ourselves. And because I know that I would struggle on my own, I worked on this with Fraidoon. A lot of people had different way s to figure this out, but I think that Fraidoon and I had one of the most unique ways. All of the working out, and our answer can be found in the DLO, including a picture, showing what we did to start.

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