Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Assembly: Duffy Assembly | Getting Our Books

Today, we had our first Duffy assembly of the year. A Duffy assembly, is like a normal assembly, but instead, there would be two representatives from Duffy, that would talk about their life story that all started because of reading. They would then present our Duffy books that we selected at the start of the term. We all chose 4 books, and we would explain which books we wanted in order of how much we wanted to read them. We would then get 2 of those books at the assembly. We chose 4 books, just in case if Mainfreight (The ones who give us the books) run out of stock for the specific book. The 2 books that I received was Wandmakers Apprentice, and Amulet The Stonekeeper. The Amulet series is one of my favourite series of all time, so i'm glad that the series was an option. Although Wandmakers is a new series to me, in which I have never read a Wandmaker story. We all thank Mainfreight for giving these books to us, and we will all enjoy reading.

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