Friday, 2 March 2018

Agents Of Change: Setting Up Our 2018 Goal

This week, we wrote our 2018 goal. To help us set goals, we looked at how we could become agents of change in our own 2018 learning journey. Everyone was asked to do this, and everyone had their picture taken next to the P.B.S Agents Of Change sign. We were asked to also make a DLO, showing us next to the sign, and with a box including our goals. My goal, in exact detail is, one way I could become an agent of change, would be helping others more often. By not only focusing on my work, but helping others with theirs. A lot of people don’t understand their work, or where to start, and there may be times where I am that person. My point is, people are in need of help, but can’t always get that help from a teacher. So I am willing to throughout the year, make sure my peers aren’t in need of my help, and if they are, that I can get them the help they need. Although, to make my DLO stand out even more, I wanted to illustrate an image, showing how I could address myself, for someone who needs help. I had a lot of fun creating this DLO, and writing a goal. I will try my best to stick to this goal, and will still continue even after school.

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  1. Hi Jack

    I really like your work on agents of change and I really like how you are setting your goals for success.

    Keep it up jack and nice photo I like your smile Jack.