Friday, 2 March 2018

Tech: Pewter Casting | Third Session

Today, we had our third session of Pewter Casting in Tech. This session was all about getting our moulds ready, and cutting them out. But before we could do any of that, we needed to choose a design. I did not make a post about the previous tech session, but it is simple to explain. We needed to choose our 16 designs, and make the decision of who we're making it for, and what we're making. I chose to make a pewter dolphin for my mum, and I think that I'm off to a good start. Just today, I started my cut out of the dolphin, and now only need to cut out the fins, and nose. I then needed to have the pewter melted into a liquid, where it could then be poured into my mould. The next couple of weeks would then consist of polishing, and filing the finishing product. Where it could then be taken home, and given to the recipient, (In this case, my mum).

The Design I Chose

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  1. Hi Jack

    I really like how you talked about pewter casting and I like your deign, it looks so good. I think you can cut it out perfectly and remember to keep it up Jack.