Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Writing: Creating A Character Description

This week for writing, we were asked to write a character description. Although, we first needed to chose a prompt. We could either do it on a magician, who can make things levitate, or on a boy who is lost in the forest. Although, I chose to do it on the boy, because I love suspense and adventure, and I can't think of many situations about a magician. I included 2 characters in this description, the boy (Who the description was about), and Jessica (The side character). The main points of the description, is that the boy is lost, and Jessica stumbles across him. She helps the child find the trail, and the rest is left as a cliff hanger. I had a lot of fun writing about this prompt, and I love writing stories about being lost in a forest.

Lost In The Forest

Jessica has stumbled across a small child, while hiking in the forest. She thinks that he is lost. Jessica is quite a far distance from him, and she doesn't think he notices her. Jessica can see him pulling out his map, so she must be correct. Jessica walks over to the child, and simply asks, “Are you lost?’’ He nodded his head, and explained that he lost his family, and the trail. Jessica looked at his map, and told him that he was reading it upside down. She pointed to where the trail was on the map, and then took a look at him. He had brown hair, a white shirt, and a few backpacks on the ground. He looked to be around 12 years old, maybe even 13 or older. Jessica looked up to be greeted by a tiny sign hammered to the ground: Trail Straight Ahead.

She told the kid to go back to the trail, and to keep an eye on where he’s going. He then hurried his way back, thanking Jessica before he left.

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