Wednesday, 28 November 2018

CARE Awards: Silver Attitude | Tutoring Someone Who Needs Help With An Extra Skill

For my next CARE Award activity, for my Attitude, I created a slideshow that showed Ofa's improvement over the year after giving him a helping hand with his art and DLO's. The first slide will show where Ofa began in his soon to be drawing pathway. It all started with a DLO that Ofa needed some assistance with. So what I did was give Ofa a template where he could add his own details. This included a body, facial details, and the option for me to help him at any point of time. After a little while Ofa became more dependant on his ability to have a bunch of creativity. And managed to create this DLO. In this DLO, he only needed me to see what he could change. The final slide shows a single frame of an entire animation that he created himself. It shows the side view of a body explaining how the human body breathes. He can now create digital art on his own, and rarely needs my assistance.

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